Improving value streams is done by assessing the network of activities involved in delivering products or services to the customer. The challenge is that the activities in software delivery (as compared to manufacturing) are less-sequential and highly iterative across systems and people. Given the complexities of Value Stream Management (VSM) for software delivery, we are offering a VSM Training to help companies start the journey.


This training enables you on the fundamentals of getting started with a VSM initiative, including common attributes, an improvement methodology, analytical methods and a tooling assessment. After attending training, you will have the knowledge to become a VSM ambassador at your organization or agency!


Business Benefits

Ambassadors will be competent in helping organizations:

  • Achieve faster time to market
  • Eliminate waste and overhead
  • Improve lead time visibility
  • Deliver greater value
  • Reduce costs
  • Enable greater traceability 



Intended Audience

This training course is for anyone wanting to learn more about being an ambassador of VSM to their organization or agency, including Business Enterprise Architects, CIOs, Strategy Planners, Quality Managers, Lean practitioners, Process Owners, Process Improvement Managers, Systems implementers, Management representatives, Improvement teams.


Course Duration

1 hour


Delivery Format

Courses are delivered in an instructor-led, webinar style format.


What You Will Learn...

  • Visualize your Product Value Stream(s) including your tool network and work items
  • Identify what value units flow in the value stream
  • Understand Flow Metrics as a way to measure the flow of value
  • Correlate Flow Metrics to Business Results




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