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Analyst Report

NEW: GigaOm Radar for Value Stream Management

product value stream ebookproduct value stream ebook


What Is A Product Value Stream?

Agile Coach EbookAgile Coach Ebook


An Agile Coach Guide: Leading Change Without Formal Authority

CIO Lessons from an Experienced Golf Coach EbookCIO Lessons from an Experienced Golf Coach Ebook


Driving Transformation: CIO Lessons from an Experienced Golf Coach

Flow-Based OKRs EbookFlow-Based OKRs Ebook


How Technology Teams Can Thrive with Flow-Based OKRs

Maturity AssessmentMaturity Assessment

Maturity Assessment

Shifting from project to product? Take the 7-question Maturity Assessment to benchmark your journey.

Outcome-Driven Approach to SAFe®Outcome-Driven Approach to SAFe®


Change is Possible: An Outcome-Driven Approach to SAFe® Success

tasktop's value stream management guide

Interactive Guide

The Ultimate Guide to Value Stream Management and Software Delivery Disciplines

SAFe and flow metricsSAFe and flow metrics

White Paper

Agile at Scale - And in Practice: SAFe® and the Flow Metrics

Forrester TEI ReportForrester TEI Report

Analyst Report

Forrester Consulting study: The Total Economic Impact™ of Tasktop Viz

value stream management playbookvalue stream management playbook


The CIO's VSM Playbook: 12 Steps to Mastering Software at Scale

value stream management vs mappingvalue stream management vs mapping


Value Stream Management and Value Stream Mapping - A complementary approach to delivering greater value through software

Flow metrics buyer guideFlow metrics buyer guide

Business Guide

Flow Metrics: A Business Leader's Guide to Measuring What Matters in Software Delivery

Federal Government vsm white paperFederal Government vsm white paper

White Paper

How the U.S. Federal Government can Accelerate IT Modernization in a Digital-First World

Mik + One Podcast

Conversations with leaders and innovators on moving from project to product.

The key virtue that will be rewarded is flexibility or business agility... If an idea has the result you want, you want to have the opportunity to double down quickly. And if it doesn't have the result you want, you want to be able to pivot quickly.

Sam Guckenheimer

Episode 6

Product Owner for Azure DevOps at Microsoft

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Mik Kersten Project to Product podcastMik Kersten Project to Product podcast
Project to Product book website

Project to Product Book

Visit the official website of Dr. Mik Kersten’s best selling book. Learn about the book and to listen to Mik’s podcast, Mik + One.

project to product whitepaperproject to product whitepaper

White Paper

Transitioning from Project to Product with the Flow Framework®

PMO can use VSM to Accelerate Software InnovationPMO can use VSM to Accelerate Software Innovation

White Paper

How the PMO can use Value Stream Management (VSM) to Accelerate Software Innovation

Age of Value Stream Management Age of Value Stream Management


The Age of Value Stream Management (VSM): Beyond Agile and DevOps

Learn value stream management practicesLearn value stream management practices

Learning Site

Designed for enterprise business and IT leaders seeking to develop expertise in flow metrics, value stream management and the Flow Framework.®

 Data-driven Value Stream Management Data-driven Value Stream Management


Data-driven Value Stream Management - Accelerate Your Market Response and Adaptability

value stream management platform buyers guidevalue stream management platform buyers guide

Business Guide

The Buyer’s Guide for Value Stream Management and Flow Metrics

Tasktop's value stream management platformTasktop's value stream management platform


The Tasktop VSM Platform

Age of VSMAge of VSM

White Paper

The Age of Value Stream Management (VSM): Beyond Agile and DevOps

Transitioning Project To Product WebinarTransitioning Project To Product Webinar


Transitioning from Project To Product to Thrive in the New Normal

t-mobile webinart-mobile webinar


5G & Beyond: Accelerating Innovation at T-Mobile with the Flow Framework

PMO Product managementPMO Product management


Calling All PMOs: How to Evolve Your Teams to Manage Work By Product

pmo to vmo transformationpmo to vmo transformation


From PMO to VMO: Accelerate your Transformation with Tasktop Viz™

Measure SAFe with flow metricsMeasure SAFe with flow metrics

White Paper

Measuring Your SAFe® Transformation with Flow Metrics

what is a value stream architect what is a value stream architect


Value Stream Architecture: What it is and how it can help

value stream management traceability value stream management traceability

White Paper

How to Achieve End-to-End Traceability in the Current World of Software Delivery

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Connect with business and technology leaders seeking to develop expertise in value stream management, Flow Metrics and the Flow Framework®.

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