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Why Value Stream Management?

The rise of value stream management is born out of the frustration that despite spending big on Agile and DevOps, most enterprises are still not adequately responsive or adaptive—according to Forrester® only 16% can release more than once a month.

Value Stream Management allows organizations to break down the silos, identify and remove bottlenecks, eliminate waste and accelerate delivery.

The Tasktop Value Stream Management Platform plugs into your organization and sits on top of the tools you’ve chosen to get work done. With just a few clicks, it overlays the end-to-end value stream to provide the abstractions, automations, visualizations and diagnostics you need to practice value stream management on a daily basis.

Make better decisions, measure what matters

To build the software your business needs faster, you need insights into what’s preventing you from doing that today and the ability to predict what might happen tomorrow. Tasktop Viz allows you to measure all types of software delivery work, and focus attention on areas that will drive better outcomes for your business.

Automate workflow between tools and teams

Allow your teams to work smarter and faster by bringing work into the tools they already use. Tasktop Hub allows you to send work between tools like Jira Software, ServiceNow, Azure DevOps Server and many more, eliminating duplicate data entry and automating traceability.

Automate workflow between tools and teams

Plug into your existing toolchain

Tasktop plugs into your existing toolchain, allowing you to maintain a flexible and evolving toolchain that meets the needs of your teams without losing visibility. With turnkey metrics and no-code customization, you can get up and running fast and avoid time-consuming custom analytics and integration solutions. Built on the Flow Fabric™, Tasktop also insulates your organization from potential disruptions caused by version upgrades, tool migrations, API changes, security and compliance, and more.

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Built-in software delivery knowledge

Software delivery is a complex process with its own nuances that impact how data should be viewed and processed. The Tasktop Value Stream Management Platform has years of software delivery knowledge built into its DNA, allowing organizations to get insights quickly, make rapid changes as business needs evolve, and scale across the enterprise. Smart models and mapping make it easy to set up, while accounting for the complex realities of software delivery.

"Tasktop is the only enterprise-grade solution that provides the stability and robustness demanded by large-scale organizations. It can withstand all weather conditions even when it gets a bit rough."

Karlis Broders

CTO, AA Projekts

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Tasktop named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Value Stream Management, Q3, 2020 report

Forrester Wave VSMForrester Wave VSM

Tasktop named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Value Stream Management, Q3, 2020 report

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