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How Measuring Defect Detection Percentage (DDP) Improves Regression Test Coverage

December 12, 2018 - 9am Vancouver | 12pm New York | 5pm London

In this webinar hosted by Software Test Professionals, Tasktop Sr. Solutions Architect, Matt Angerer, will discuss the fundamentals to calculating how effective your team is at finding bugs in your software. Using ServiceNow and Micro Focus ALM to demonstrate, he’ll show you how to automate the flow of information between your ALM and ITSM tools to monitor DDP in real time.


 Past Webinars

2018 Highlights

Project To Product: Connecting IT to the Business with the Flow FrameworkTM

Mastering large-scale software delivery will define the economic landscape of the 21st century, just as the mastery of mass production defined the landscape in the 20th. Unfortunately, business and technology leaders are woefully ill-equipped for the Age of Software because they are using management paradigms from past technological revolutions. While technologists adopting DevOps and Agile have already made the transition, the gap between modern technical practices and the business has only widened in the process. A new approach is needed.

During this webinar hosted by SD Times, Dr. Mik Kersten will present the Flow FrameworkTM – a new approach to software delivery spanning the language of the business with the language of technology and enables the transition from project to product.

Flow Metrics: What They Are & Why You Need Them

To visualize and optimize the business value of your software delivery, you need to find a way to measure business outcomes. To do that, we need flow metrics. During this webinar, Dominica DeGrandis presents five key flow metrics that reveal trends on desirable business outcomes – such as faster time-to-market, responsiveness to customers, and predictable release timeframes – and explains how to implement them to measure and improve the impact and value of software products on your business.


What is Value Stream Management and why do you need it?

Agile has provided a framework for shortening iterations and adapting to ever changing requirements.  DevOps established practices for automating the software delivery pipeline. While these methods are becoming standard practices in building software, scaling these concepts is problematic.  That’s where Value Stream Management (VSM) comes in.

Watch this on-demand webinar with Tasktop Senior VSM Strategist, Carmen DeArdo, to learn:

  • What is Value Stream Management and why you need it
  • How to architect your delivery pipeline for end-to-end flow and delivery speed
  • Why moving from a project to product approach is critical to survive in the age of digital disruption


Unburdening Jira: How to optimize your end-to-end value stream

First it was RTC. Now it’s Jira. The truth is, you can’t migrate all the specialist stages of enterprise software into one tool. Plugging too much workflow into Jira (or any one system) will undo its productivity benefits and undermine the effectiveness your end-to-end software delivery value stream. Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The rise and benefits of Jira
  • Why a best-of-breed tool approach is vital to support all stages in the software delivery process
  • How integrating Jira with all other tools optimizes the value of each tool


Improving Regression Testing Effectiveness With Defect Detection Percentage (DDP)

Using ServiceNow and Micro Focus ALM to demonstrate, we’ll show you how to automate the flow of information between your ALM and ITSM tools to monitor DDP in real time. Synchronizing incidents to your defect tracking tool is imperative if you want to perform root cause analysis to identify what regression test case “should have” trapped the defect during your last round of regression testing and trace it back. Learn how this integration allows you to:

  • Monitor your testing teams’ effectiveness in real time
  • Demonstrate and improve regression test coverage
  • Protect production environments with early trend detection


Monitor the Health of your Software Delivery Organization with DevOps Metrics

To check on the health of your processes you need to be constantly tuned into your source code, artifact management, continuous integration, delivery and deployment, static code analysis, security analysis, monitoring health, infrastructure, and test automation, just to name a few. In addition to monitoring the health of your release pipeline, you also need big picture metrics that can measure the value you are delivering to the business and highlight where your current bottlenecks are. Watch this webinar to learn:

  • Which dashboards you need for optimizing CI/CD and value delivery
  • Best practices adopted by the Fortune 100 to achieve these metrics (Which metrics does Silicon Valley use to measure success?)
  • How to successfully combine metrics of varying granularity to provide a full, up-to-date picture of your development pipeline


7 Reasons Why Value Stream Integration Improves Software Quality Assurance

Inspired by Matt Angerer’s trials and tribulations as a Program Testing Consultant, watch this presentation for a no-nonsense action-packed roadmap to understanding how VSI can revolutionize how you deliver and protect software quality for lasting results. 


Deliver on the Promise of Agile and DevOps with Value Stream Integration

Agile and DevOps are about delivering value to the customer and for the business. However, if your teams are wasting time on non-value-added work, such as manual entry from one tool to another, then you’re not being Agile, nor properly practicing DevOps. Watch our webinar with partner, ReleaseTEAM, to find out how your organization can deliver on the promise of Agile and DevOps.


Mind the Gap: Bridging the Divide Between the Business and Agile/DevOps Teams with Value Stream Management

Software delivery organizations have transformed the way they develop and deliver software, adopting Agile and DevOps practices to help them achieve ambitious business targets. But as more teams see success with these methods, they’re finding that there’s a disconnect keeping them from reaching their full potential.

Watch as featured guest Chris Condo, Sr. Analyst at Forrester discusses findings from their recent research on value stream management and how organizations are bridging the gap between the business and their Agile and DevOps teams to maintain their competitive edge.


Scrum with Value Streams - Can you finally get rid of waterfall thinking?

Increasingly, DevOps is encouraging organizations to think holistically about the value streams of delivery. Make work visible and look to reduce waste. But agile and Scrum has taught us that complex problems require teams to self-organize, to 'scrum' to make progress. Does that mean that the value streams are continually changing? Does that mean that when you introduce value streams you remove the ability of the Scrum team to self-organize?

In this talk, Dave West Product Owner and CEO of and Mik Kersten CEO of Tasktop discuss the challenges of introducing value streams to a Scrum world and how you can balance flexibility with the structure to enable better flow and deliver more value to customers. They will discuss how to avoid Value-Waterfall-Stream to make sure your stream doesn't become a waterfall and provide a list of potential warning signs for when the process of value streams has become a way of re-introducing traditional waterfall thinking to your product delivery process.


Calendars for Humans - How to Undo the All-Day Cram

The increased collaboration required by DevOps can sometimes bring an unwelcome guest: meetings. An exchange of mutually critical information is essential, but a day crammed with back-to-back meetings results in time theft. Are you losing precious time trapped in meeting misery? Dashing from meeting to meeting allows sparse time for people to finish important work and contributes to low employee satisfaction and poor performance. Getting buy-in to change meeting madness is tricky – but it can be done!

In this webinar, Dominica addresses the too-many-meetings problem and provides actionable takeaways to help you optimize your time. Come learn how to influence the boss and get buy-in to improve your team’s capacity to get real work done.


Customer Insights: 11 IT Tool Integration Patterns to Speed Delivery

In an analysis of over 300 software delivery organizations we found that high performing IT organizations realize the value of end-to-end process automation beyond the CI/CD pipeline.

Join us to learn:

  • How IT tool integration accelerates enterprise software delivery
  • How to implement 11 popular tool integration patterns
  • Strategies to reach integration maturity through chained integration patterns

We’ll share the results of an analysis of 1,000 tool integrations, including how IT organizations are putting in place sophisticated integration infrastructure layer to automate the flow of work from ideation to production.


Agile Consistency vs. Flexibility: Creating a Culture of Change

By enforcing one specific methodology or tool across teams, organizations hinder their ability to deliver customer value. In this webinar, Steve Adolph, addresses the challenges organizations face when adopting Lean and Agile methodologies and presents a three-element model that enables organizations to create a consistent and flexible culture that motivates practitioners to embrace change for faster delivery of business value.


Gene and Mik Summarize Their Favorite Talks from DOES 2017

Join Gene Kim and Mik Kersten as they discuss their favorite talks from DevOps Enterprise Summit 2017 and the ways we’ll see the DevOps movement grow in 2018.

Hear how the focus on value stream thinking, the dismantling of the monolith and transformational leadership are shaping the future of DevOps as it permeates throughout the enterprise.



Optimizing Innovation: Modular Toolchains that Enable Digital Transformations

Lean practices for software delivery are critical to digital transformation and innovation, and the failure to execute on them opens the door to disruption. Software investment and staffing decisions are made anecdotally, using static and stale slivers of data. But what if we could take an fMRI (Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging) of the organization and see the flow of business value in real-time? See evidence of bottlenecks and use them to prioritize IT investment? Join us as we introduce the concept of Value Stream Networks and explain how to create a modular framework enabling end-to-end business value flow, at any scale.


How to Optimize Supply Chain Collaboration: The Road to a Unifed Automotive Value Stream

Global leaders from all major industries, especially automotive, require many different teams, departments, and suppliers to develop software products at scale. Not only is there a dizzying combination of companies working on any given project at the same time, but also a complicated mix of toolchains and infrastructures that inhibit effective collaboration. In this webinar, we'll discuss how your organization can boost collaboration between teams, minimize budget and time waste, and ensure fast delivery of high quality software by:

  • Synchronizing system critical data between systems while retaining relationship and context information
  • Unifying a multi-tier development scenario using a single central management platform
  • Ensuring compliance with ISO 26262 using codeBeamer ALM’s preconfigured automotive template.


Don't Let Process Hold You Back: Best Practices for Cross-Functional Collaboration

Join Tasktop and GitLab for a webinar discussing how your organization can create better processes that allow individual teams to move fast and be agile, while maintaining effective cross-team collaboration. 


Discovering Dark Debt in your Culture

When an organization takes on technical debt unknowingly we call it Dark Debt. While we’ve gotten good at identifying and managing technical debt, Dark Debt of the cultural variety is harder to see. 

Is your IT organization’s culture impacted by:

  • Invisible and unplanned work
  • Late work or low quality work
  • Unclear priorities and wasted effort

If so, you’re likely dealing with unintended consequences of decisions that caused misalignment and a lack of visibility - two common causes of Dark Debt. Join us to learn how to recognize and avoid the causes of Dark Debt so you can start repairing the culture of your organization.


The Missing Link for Accelerating DevOps Testing

Testing is often blamed as the enemy of acceleration initiatives—learn how it can evolve into an enabler of “quality at speed.”

Watch this webinar to explore how to make Testing the hub of organizational quality. You’ll learn integration strategies that accelerate testing, increase team productivity, and optimize decision-making across the DevOps pipeline by:

  • Automating the flow of defects, requirements, epics, and test cases across the value stream (Atlassian JIRA, HPE ALM, and Tricentis Tosca)
  • Synchronizing system critical data between systems while retaining relationship and context information
  • Minimizing errors and rework by flowing defects round trip to development for correction


The Evolution of Agile Portfolio Management for Scaled Agile Success

From Dev to Ops, all teams within an IT organization should be working towards the same goal -- fast delivery of value to the customer -- and the benefits of Agile can help them get there. But this is not possible with a disconnected toolchain. Agile must impact the whole end-to-end workflow. In this webinar with Leankit, we'll discuss how your organization can enable scaled Agile success by:

  • Aligning team priorities around the common goals of an Agile transformation
  • Increasing visibility of project status and compliance with cross tool traceability and reporting
  • Creating and managing an integrated value stream that can scale to hundreds of projects in minutes

Integrate DevOps and ALM Tools to Speed Delivery

Test and build automation are important pieces of your DevOps toolchain, but these tools need to be integrated with your issue trackers and test management in order to optimize your software delivery. Join us for this 30 minute webinar demonstrating how to

  • Create defects in HPE Quality Center automatically when an automated test in Selenium fails
  • Update JIRA issues with build fail/pass information from Jenkins
  • Create visibility and traceability across your value stream with data from all of your tools

Painless DevSecOps: Building Security Into Your DevOps Pipeline

When a security vulnerability is found, your team needs to be able to address it quickly, without having to check and update multiple systems. This 30 minute webinar demonstrates how to:
  • Automate the creation of defects in HPE Quality Center when vulns are detected by WhiteHat Sentinel
  • Improve compliance by providing traceability between vulns and their fixes
  • Enable real-time reporting on status of security vulnerabilities

No Tool is an Island: Building DevOps Into Your Business 

IT toolstacks keep growing, with specialized tools that improve the efficiency of the business analysts, developers, testers, and service desk reps involved in the software delivery value stream. The problem is: NOTHING IS FLOWING!Tasktop was no exception. We struggled with the lack of visibility, communication bottlenecks, inefficiencies and waste created by a disconnected toolchain. In this webinar, we’ll describe the problems we faced and how we’ve solved them with relative ease through automation across our value stream.


5 Leading Challenges Facing PMOs - And How Agile Program Management Changes The Game

During this webinar, cPrime Agile Coach, Brian Mulconrey, and Tasktop Business Analyst, Rebecca Dobbin, present why leading program and project management officers are learning to love Agile program management because it provides powerful tools for tackling their five leading challenges:
  • Scope Changes – Learn to welcome scope changes even late in a project. Just in time backlog prioritization makes this not only possible but vital for agile program management.
  • Impossible Deadlines – Transform artificial deadlines into continuous flows of value to customers.
  • Poor Communication – Agile development teams transform communication from a task into a daily habit for all team members.
  • Lack of Accountability – Move from “assigning tasks” to an environment where teams eagerly pull tasks and own their commitments to deliver on their sprint plans.
  • Poor Risk Management – Confront risks early AND continuously with program level agile teams dedicated to finding and clearing obstacles to success.

Automating Change Request Flow & Traceability Across the Value Stream

With the fast pace of software delivery today, change is the only constant. Organizations are investing in new staff, tools, and processes to drive Agile, DevOps, and ITSM initiatives.The problems that occur are not the changes themselves, but the disconnected nature of the changes. Many organizations are adopting new tools to improve collaboration within the individual disciplines (Agile planning, test automation, change management, etc.). However, the challenges that occur are often in the collaboration between the disciplines and productivity suffers from disconnected tools and poor visibility.Change Requests are a key example of a process spanning multiple disciplines. It is essential to automate the flow of Change Requests and establish traceability with affected artifacts such as requirements, tests, and test results.During this webinar Erik Parow of Tx3 Services and Mara Puisite of Tasktop demonstrate how to:
  • Connect your Lifecycle, DevOps, and Database tools into a unified software delivery value stream.
  • Increase visibility of project status and compliance with cross tool traceability and reporting.
  • Automate the flow and approval of Change Request Change Plans, Implementations, Verifications, and Deployments with Atlassian JIRA, HPE ALM and Tx3 VERA.


Getting Visual with Value Stream Integration

Integration is at the heart of value stream improvement. In software, your value stream spans different domains and tools, which makes integration unavoidable. You need a seamless flow of information between people and tools to refine your delivery process.Integration can be complex, but the difficulty is compounded when you cannot see everything that needs to be connected. When you can actually see what’s flowing between systems in a simple, intuitive way, you are well on your way to being able to improve your value stream.In this webinar learn how to:
  • Create a connected value stream by automating artifact flow across your software development and delivery tools
  • Provide value stream visibility to senior leadership with Tasktop’s new Integration Landscape View
  • Easily scale and manage integrations with model-based integration management


Quality Automation for Agile and DevOps Transformation Success 

For organizations going through Agile and DevOps transformations, quality automation is crucial. Sharing information between tools is no longer a competitive advantage but an essential part of an efficient value stream. Without quality automation, flowing defects, requirements, test cases, and execution results between tools and collaborating teams can be slow, onerous, and susceptible to human error.In this webinar, Gernot Brandl, Senior Product Manager at Tricentis, and Dr. Tuuli Bell, Partner Account Manager at Tasktop, discuss and demo how quality automation and value stream integration can help organizations with their Agile and DevOps transformations by:
  • Automating the flow of defects, requirements, epics, test cases and other information across the value stream for enhanced traceability and visibility
  • Synchronizing critical data between systems while retaining relationship and context information
  • Minimizing errors and rework by flowing defects from multiple sources round-trip to development


Deliver on the Promise of Agile and DevOps Transformations

IT organizations are under continual pressure to develop and deliver high-quality applications – at speed - in order to provide key competitive advantage for their company.
They’ve adopted Agile and DevOps practices. But particularly for large organizations with complex application portfolios or compliance pressures, these practices have yet to fulfill the promise of enhancing an organization’s ability to continually deliver customer value. Agile has improved development and test; and DevOps has streamlined getting code into production. But these advances have been localized improvements; to get to the next step software delivery leaders must take a more holistic approach to improving the entire lifecycle.

In this webinar guest speaker, Forrester Senior Analyst Christopher Condo will present his analysis of practices used in modern application delivery and will describe how creating an integrated value stream can help organizations regain their focus on the delivery of customer value.


Break Through Agile Transformation Stagnation

Transformation to Agile at scale typically takes 1-3 years. There is a pattern of adoption that most companies go through that achieves initial gains, but tends to stagnate after the initial improvement.Join Tasktop VP of Industry Strategy, Betty Zakheim, and Net Objectives CEO, Al Shalloway, to learn:
  • The challenges are causing this stagnation
  • Why these challenges are so prevalent after an initial Agile adoption
  • What must be done to solve them
  • We’ll describe a combination of a holistic mindset with practices on value identification and decomposition that aligns teams across the software delivery value stream while providing insights into how to better form trains so they can collaborate more effectively.
  • We’ll show how Value Stream Integration provides the necessary support to enable agile at scale.


Transform Software Delivery with Tasktop Integration Hub

We won’t build your software for you, but we will transform *how* you build it, making your software delivery process better and faster.Join us to learn how Tasktop allows your disconnected tools to act harmoniously by automating collaboration, traceability, and visibility from ideation to production, enabling your organization to accelerate its business value delivery.Product Managers Cynthia Mancha and Trevor Bruner do a live demo to show you how Tasktop lets you:
  • connect your Lifecycle, DevOps and Database tools into a unified software delivery toolchain
  • scale to hundreds of projects in a matter of minutes
  • collaborate in context with attachment and comment synchronization


What Nobody's Telling You About Agile and DevOps

Everyone is talking about improving software delivery using Agile and DevOps. They've had some success - but the secret nobody is talking about is that it's not really working at enterprise scale.In this webinar, we'll discuss:
  • the common goals of Agile and DevOps transformations
  • how these goals break down at enterprise scale
  • how you can achieve an integrated value stream that will put your transformation back on track.
 2016 Highlights





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