Webinar Recording: When Two Worlds Collide: Using Agile Story Points AND Management Time Tracking

Congratulations, you've successfully adopted Agile methods! You've been at it for six months and you're humming along like a well-oiled machine. You've even scaled to multiple separate agile teams. Your developers are happy and production seems to be up!
And then the dreaded question comes -- "We need this feature, how long will it take?" Your answer ... "We've estimated that to be about 50 story points." Blank stare.

It's no secret, there are some challenges in trying to marry Agile processes to outside stakeholder needs. For example, Agile teams may prefer to use Story Points as an estimate of the complexity of a story, while business stakeholders generally just want to know how many person-hours a feature will require. Often the PMO is interested in tracking developer time in order to better understand their Return on Investment. But their instructions to use time-tracking tools is met with either simple annoyance our outright disdain.

In this webinar, we explore some of the challenges that arise when marrying Agile processes to outside stakeholder needs. We show you practical ways to make the translation of Agile, to the Rest of the World, as painless as possible -- and help show you why it actually helps development teams in the end.



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