You don’t shift to a product model overnight. Tasktop Viz applies the business lens over your existing technical architecture and supporting tool infrastructure—as is—to provide your first-ever product value stream dashboards.

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Make sense of the madness using modeling.

Make sense of the madness using modeling.

Large scale software delivery is a complex, hairy beast. Thousands of practitioners, using tens of tools, to write billions of lines of code.

Modeling in Tasktop Viz is a ground-breaking method for untangling that web in less than 30 minutes. It carves out the relevant data subset from each tool and abstracts it into clear, crisp, and consistent Flow Metrics.

  • Designed for business users, modeling is elegant and easy-to-use
  • Scales easily to massive organizations, accounting for variability in how people work
  • Endlessly flexible to reflect changes in your portfolios, teams, tools, and processes over time

Timely metrics ensure timely action.

Metrics derived from data lakes inevitably have long lead times. Every request lands on a backlog, and it’s up to you to beg, cajole, bribe, and threaten to get it done.

Tasktop Viz removes those dependencies. You can build your dashboards yourself, in a few easy clicks, and start getting visibility into your product value stream the same day.

Three easy steps for modeling in Tasktop Viz:

Normalize data upon creation. Not after the fact.

Normalize data upon creation. Not after the fact.

When you’re pulling multi-source data into a data lake, someone who has no intimate knowledge of the work is tasked with aligning and reconciling data feeds from different sources.

Tasktop Viz reverses that paradigm by normalizing the work upon creation. Value streams model their work themselves and keep the model up-to-date. Any new work flowing through the value stream takes the shape of the model.