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VSM Ideate ebookVSM Ideate ebook

Download the Ultimate Guide to Value Stream Management Across Disciplines

Value Stream Management (VSM) is an emerging practice for maximizing business growth through software products and is rapidly gaining traction among large enterprises seeking to outpace the competition through software delivery.

Tasktop’s Ultimate Guide to VSM Across Disciplines outlines the practical day-to-day work of all the people contributing to a value stream through well-established and essential roles, like Portfolio Management, Enterprise Agile Planning, Product Management, UX Design, Requirements Management and Risk & Compliance.

This shareable ebook outlines what each discipline excels at and how VSM complements that work by feeding you insights about the changes and investments you can make to improve your flow and impact. You’ll find tangible, practical examples of applying VSM in real enterprise use cases that you can review and share with team members and across your organization.

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