Value Stream Management

A new way to deliver value

Value Stream Management (VSM) is a new discipline in software delivery that impartially measures and optimizes the flow of business value through complex end-to-end processes. This guide explains how VSM helps every single contributor, across a multitude of specialized roles, achieve better outcomes.

VSM collects and analyzes data from all the essential and specialized disciplines involved in bringing digital products to market—through the Ideate, Create, Release and Operate phases—and makes them better. Explore the interactive guide below to learn how.


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1. Ideate


2. Create


3. Release


4. Operate

Project & Portfolio Management (PPM) SuperpowerProject & Portfolio Management (PPM) Superpower

Project & Portfolio Management (PPM)

Mid to long-term strategic planning and execution tracking

Application Development SuperpowerApplication Development Superpower

Application Development

Create the tangible value customers experience through products

Release and Deploy Automation SuperpowerRelease and Deploy Automation Superpower

Release & Deploy Automation

Assemble and deploy new code to production

ServiceDesk SuperpowerServiceDesk Superpower

Service Desk

Ticket tracking and resolution

Enterprise Agile Planning SuperpowerEnterprise Agile Planning Superpower

Enterprise Agile Planning

Execute team-level product development work

Incident Management SuperpowerIncident Management Superpower

Incident Management

Manage the life cycle of IT incidents

Product Management SuperpowerProduct Management Superpower

Product Management

Create and manage a product vision

Packaging SuperpowerPackaging Superpower

Build & Packaging

Transform code into a product that can be tested and validated

Logging, Monitoring & Alerting SuperpowerLogging, Monitoring & Alerting Superpower

Logging, Monitoring & Alerting

Improve application performance and availability to support customer journeys

UX Design SuperpowerUX Design Superpower

User Experience Design

Research, design, prototype and test user interactions with the product

QA Test SuperpowerQA Test Superpower

Quality Assurance - Testing

Validate applications and services against requirements

Requirements Management SuperpowerRequirements Management Superpower

Requirements Management

Document, trace and manage product requirements over its life cycle

QA Security SuperpowerQA Security Superpower

Quality Assurance - Security

Analyze and test applications for security vulnerabilities

Compliance and Risk Management SuperpowerCompliance and Risk Management Superpower

Compliance & Risk Management

Simplify, automate and integrate risk management processes and data