Facilitated by Dominica DeGrandis, one of the top experts of kanban flow in the industry


Flow is the continuous smooth and fast delivery of business value, and is the first of the three foundational principles underpinning DevOps. This hands-on methods workshop is for Tasktop customers who are ready to expand their Agile, Digital, or DevOps implementation to include practices which optimize the flow of business value across the value stream.


This workshop is best suited for teams who are impacted by each other’s work. This gives organizations the opportunity to discuss dependencies and determine prioritization policies, workflow design and metrics used to measure business outcomes. Teams upstream and downstream from each other will make their work, their handoffs, and their pain points visible to each other. Attendees will participate in learning exercises that lay the foundation for experiencing quick wins from the following core objectives:



  • Make work visible to see bottlenecks, issues and risks

  • Optimize for the  end-to-end product value stream

  • Identify the impacts of dependencies across teams

  • Utilize flow metrics to continuously improve and measure business value

  • Map workflow  to improve flow




  • Learning objectives & self-assessment exercises

  • Basics of Flow - what, why, how

  • Demand analysis exercise - what prevents your team from getting work done?

  • Value Stream canvas exercise  - What does your VS workflow look like?

  • Case studies from the field - How are other organizations winning?

  • Benefits of a product-centric way of working


  • How to improve overloaded Calendars and handle interruptions

  • Implementing Flow metrics for continuous improvement

  • Explicit Policies to address conflicting priorities, too much WIP,  & dependencies

  • Experiments, feedback & group discussion on next steps

  • Challenges and pitfalls

  • Lean Coffee

A typical 2-day workshop is maximum 20 attendees. A 60 min Leadership session can be added if done in conjunction with a 2-day workshop. Depending on the desired outcome,  3-day workshops are also available.


Dominica DeGrandis | Principal Flow Advisor | Tasktop

Author of Making Work Visible - Exposing Time Theft to Optimize your Work & Flow

Huge fan of enabling change using visual cues.

Kanban Flow master. Catalyst for data-driven CI within the DevOps community.

Twitter @dominicad


Passion: Learning, Family, yoga, nature


A discovery call to understand the customer’s organization, roles, needs and desired outcomes and to answer any questions should occur prior to scheduling the workshop.

Getting the most from the workshop

Often, organizations invite their leadership in at the end of day two to watch teams present their experiments for improving flow across their value stream(s).

Dominica’s book, Making Work Visible, is included in the cost of the workshop. A great companion to the workshop as many of the training exercises and learnings stem from the book. Books (one per attendee) will be shipped to the customer site prior to the scheduled workshop.

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