Facilitated by Dominica DeGrandis, one of the top experts of kanban flow in the industry today


Flow is the continuous smooth and fast delivery of business value, and is the first of the three foundational principles underpinning DevOps. This 2-day hands-on workshop shows you how to enable flow in your organization using lean practices.

The workshop is best suited for teams engaged in Agile or DevOps transformations who are impacted by each other’s work. This gives teams the opportunity to discuss and determine prioritization policies, workflow design and metrics used to measure team performance.

Each attendee (max 20) will receive Dominica’s book, Making Work Visible - Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & Flow. The following learning objectives are presented to allow teams to experience quick wins while designing their kanban flow system.


Core Learning Objectives

  • Make work visible to find bottlenecks, risks and issues
  • Design a workflow system to optimize the value stream
  • Conquer inhibitors to flow
      • Too much work-in-progress (WIP)
      • Unplanned work
      • Unknown dependencies
      • Conflicting priorities
      • Neglected work
  • Implement a balanced set of metrics (construction & interpretation)
      • How fast
      • How good
      • How productive
      • How predictable
  • Describe improvement models
      • Feedback mechanisms
      • Alignment across the organization
      • How to get buy-in for change


Typical 2-day workshop agenda


Day 1

  • Demand analysis exercise - what prevents your team from getting work done?
  • Value Stream diagramming - What does your Value Stream tool chain look like?
  • Kanban for DevOps simulation board game - Discover constraints in the system.
  • Case studies from the field - How are other organizations winning?


 Day 2

  • Balanced set of metrics exercise - metrics important for flow
  • Explicit policies to address conflicting priorities, too much wip, balanced calendar
  • Feedback mechanisms - Lean coffee, Ops Reviews, blameless postmortems
  • Workflow presentations, feedback & group discussion on next steps
  • Challenges and pitfalls


A discovery call to understand the customer’s needs and desired outcomes and to answer any questions should occur prior to scheduling the workshop.


Post workshop sessions:

A follow-up 1-hour call with Dominica one week after the workshop is available to answer questions and provide feedback on the progress.

An operations review 30 days after the workshop with Dominica is available for teams to present their metrics.



A request for feedback on the value delivered during the training engagement will follow the workshop. This will be used for improving our offerings and ongoing training for our customers.


Please contact us for more information regarding this workshop.

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About Dominica

Dominica DeGrandis is Director of Digital Transformation at Tasktop, where she helps customers improve the flow of work across value streams. Responsible for introducing customers to flow-based aspects of digital transformation, she guides IT teams and business teams to understand and adopt new ways of working to improve performance.

Dominica is the author of “Making Work Visible: Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & Flow.” She is a huge fan of using visual cues to inspire change and spur alignment across organizations. She lives in Seattle with her husband and extended family. She blogs at and Follow her on twitter @dominicad.




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