Flow Framework – Using Flow Metrics to Combat Cognitive Overload

Do conflicting priorities and interruptions disrupt your week? Is your calendar crammed with back-to-back meetings? If you are already overloaded and continue to take on more work, it’s likely you’re stressed. Stress impacts cognitive functioning - making it onerous to focus on and complete important work. While cognitive overload is difficult to measure, the impact is huge.

How can the impacts of stress be measured and communicated? In this course, Tasktop Principal Flow Advisor, Dominica DeGrandis, presents actionable takeaways to address cognitive overload including:

Duration: 45 Minutes

Format: Video On Demand

Learning Objectives:

  • How to enable discussion for improvements using Flow Distribution and Flow Load
  • How to allocate capacity for debt work by initiating “Flow Protection Time”
  • How to put conditions in place for data-driven experimentation
Flow Framework trainingFlow Framework training

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