Tasktop Viz – Learn to Improve

Once Tasktop Viz is set up and software development work and Flow is visible, the next step is to perform data driven continuous improvement. This training will provide the learning necessary to perform Flow analysis using the Flow Metrics and Viz insights in the pursuit of continuous improvement. This is how you learn to improve the flow in software delivery to optimize value creation.

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Format: eLearning

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe each of the Flow Metrics and how they are used
  • Incorporate business results and timeline events
  • Understand the significance of controlling work type distribution
  • Visualize flow and gain insights with initial Flow Metrics
  • Identify what states for work items could be potential bottlenecks
  • Perform Work In Progress analysis
  • Analyze a software product portfolio in terms of the shift from project to product
  • Analyze a software product portfolio in terms of adequate flow distributions
  • Analyze a software product portfolio in terms of business agility and market response
Tasktop Viz trainingTasktop Viz training

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