Tasktop Hub Training – Level III

The Level III Tasktop Hub Training provides a hands on experience where you will be learning about ways in which you can leverage Hub’s extensibility framework to implement use cases when out of the box functionality doesn’t cover. After completing this course, you will know the different use cases that are supported by the Tasktop Hub extensibility framework as well as ways in which you can customize the change detection routine, switch on troubleshooting mode and use the Activity and Metrics modules to manage integration operations.

Duration: 1.5 Hours

Format: Video On Demand

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify use cases that are supported using Tasktop Hub’s extensibility framework
  • Implement a custom data transformation to create mappings between fields where out of the box functionality doesn’t cover
  • Transition artifact states  when  out of the box transitions cannot be applied
  • Create person reconciliation if necessary
Tasktop Hub trainingTasktop Hub training

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