Tasktop Gateway Training

Tasktop Gateway is a stand-alone integration style that is primarily used to enable DevOps tools to send event-based information to Tasktop to either to create new work items or modify existing artifacts in a DevOps tool. Any tool that exposes webhooks or that can embed a script can now play a part of a DevOps tool network. After completing this course, you will know the Gateway capabilities, common use cases and how to begin using Gateway.

Duration: 1 Hour Self-Paced

Format: Video On Demand

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the Gateway integration style architecture
  • Understand the scope of Gateway capabilities and common use cases
  • Create and update a work item in a DevOps tool using a Gateway Integration
  • Implement a Payload Transformation when needed
Tasktop Hub trainingTasktop Hub training

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Tasktop Hub Training is currently only available to Tasktop customers and partners. Please contact your Tasktop Representative to learn more about course enrollment.