Flow Framework – Introduction to Flow Metrics

This course by Tasktop Principal Flow Advisor, Dominica DeGrandis, introduces the Flow Metrics, providing a deeper dive into what they are and why you need them. The course explains the theory behind Flow Time, Flow Velocity, Flow Efficiency, Flow Load and Flow Distribution.

Duration: 40 Minutes

Format: Video On Demand

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe the importance of Flow Metrics and the role they play for providing visibility around value creation for a business
  • Learn how to use Flow Time as a measure of delivery speed
  • Learn how to use Flow Velocity as a measure of throughput
  • Learn to use Flow Efficiency to measure how much wait time is in the system
  • Learn to use Flow Load to balance demand vs. capacity
  • Learn to use Flow Distribution to get visibility and better manage what type of work is getting done
Flow Framework trainingFlow Framework training

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