Tasktop joins Planview FAQ

Why is Planview acquiring Tasktop?

The combination of Planview and Tasktop enables business transformations that are faster, more efficient, and delivered with more confidence. We expect this union to drive even more value and extend even more capabilities to our customers.

At Planview, our mission is to build the future of connected work – empowering our customers to accelerate the achievement of what matters most. Tasktop’s capabilities and expertise in VSM will complement Planview’s position as a leader in Strategic Portfolio Management, Project Portfolio Management, Enterprise Agile, Product Development, and Professional Services Automation. Together, we can help our customers connect the business of software delivery by accelerating time to market, improving efficiency with unlocked capacity, and driving investment confidence, ultimately enabling you to transform your organization faster and with more confidence.

When is the acquisition closing?

On Wednesday, May 18, Planview announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Tasktop, a pioneer in Value Stream Management (VSM). As of July 5, the acquisition is now complete.

How much did Planview pay for Tasktop?

The terms of the agreement are confidential.

What will happen to Tasktop’s product lines and platform?

The combination of Tasktop and Planview is about helping our customers realize the future of connected work by enabling business transformations that are faster, more efficient, and delivered with more confidence. All current product roadmaps are unchanged, and we are committed to continued, long-term investment in the Tasktop product lines. This includes direct, indirect/OEM, and Federal products and distributions.  There are no plans to discontinue any product lines other than per Tasktop’s already existing plans, which is consistent with all previous Planview acquisitions.

Does Planview plan to integrate the Tasktop solutions into its existing products or sell as standalone products?

Planview will continue to invest and support the Tasktop product lines as standalone solutions. Following the close of the transaction, we will utilize our product management teams to engage customers, industry analysts, and thought leaders in considering longer-term product directions. Our goal is to create open dialogue and engage the collective customer community.

Is this Planview’s first acquisition?

No, Planview has undertaken a number of previous acquisitions including Clarizen and Changepoint (2021), Aptage (2020), Spigit (2018), LeanKit (2017), Innotas (2016), Troux (2015), and Projectplace (2014). Collectively, these acquisitions have been instrumental in evolving Planview’s solution portfolio and expanding Planview from being an enterprise PPM provider to a leader in Strategic Portfolio Management, Enterprise Agile, Product Development, Project Portfolio Management, and Professional Services Automation.

Planview Background

Who is Planview?

Planview has one mission: to build the future of connected work. Our solutions enable organizations to connect the business from ideas to impact, empowering companies to accelerate the achievement of what matters most. Planview’s full spectrum of Portfolio Management and Work Management solutions creates an organizational focus on the strategic outcomes that matter and empowers teams to deliver their best work, no matter how they work. The comprehensive Planview platform and enterprise success model enables customers to deliver innovative, competitive products, services, and customer experiences.

Where is Planview headquartered?

Planview is headquartered in Austin, Texas, with offices in Sweden, India, and Israel. We also have employees in major locations such as Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Singapore & the UK.

When was Planview founded?

Planview was founded in 1989.

What makes up Planview’s current product portfolio?

  • Planview Enterprise One - Enterprise-wide portfolio planning and delivery that spans traditional and Lean-Agile approaches
  • Planview Clarizen – Enables PMOs and professional services delivery teams of all sizes to gain real-time visibility across all their work, automate workflows, proactively manage risks, and deliver greater business impact
  • Planview Changepoint – End-to-end professional services automation for services-first businesses to streamline quote-to-cash and drive profitability
  • Planview Spigit - Drives a culture of innovation and employee engagement from idea to impact
  • Planview PPM Pro - Mid-tier PPM that accelerates PMO and project success across the enterprise
  • Planview Daptiv – PPM software that enables PMOs to have the agility, alignment, and enterprise awareness needed to deliver projects and programs while adapting to changing business priorities
  • Planview Projectplace - Project-centric collaborative workspaces that bring teams together to support everyday delivery across the enterprise
  • Planview LeanKit – Enterprise Kanban for Lean and Agile delivery that visualizes work, scales teams of teams, and promotes continuous improvement

How many customers does Planview have?

Planview has more than 4,500 customers and more than 2.6 million users across a large number of industry segments, including consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, higher education, manufacturing, medical products, technology, and government.

How many total employees does Planview have?

Planview has more than 1,300 employees worldwide.

Tasktop Customer Questions

Will current Tasktop customers see any immediate changes as a result of this acquisition?

We do not expect any immediate changes for our customers. Our number one priority is to continue to provide you with the service and help you need and have come to expect. Both Planview and Tasktop value delivering great customer service and helping customers achieve desired business outcomes, and we are committed to providing continuity in the quality of products and services delivered.

What happens to my contract/terms? Do I need to sign a new or amended contract?

Current active contracts and terms will remain in place for the duration of your current contract.

How will this acquisition impact my product?

There will be no changes to your products or service-level agreements, please see next question for more details on the mid-to-long term horizon.

Will Planview continue to invest in the Tasktop roadmap and enhancements, or will I be asked to migrate?

One of the goals of this acquisition is for the combined entity to become a much stronger transformation partner to our customers. Tasktop and Planview will continue to innovate to better serve our respective customers.

If I’m interested in learning more about Planview’s products, how do I find out more?

Please visit Planview.com.

How will support or SLAs change? Who do I call for support?

There will be no changes to service level agreements (SLAs) or to the customer support process for the foreseeable future. Customers should expect the same level of service and continue to use the same channels for support and communication. Over time, we anticipate further improvements to our customer support tooling, and when this happens you will be notified well in advance.

Do my Tasktop customer resources change as a result of the acquisition?

No. You will continue to have the same Tasktop customer resources. Your Regional Sales Manager, Account Manager, Value Stream Architect, Technical Account Manager, and Flow Advisor contacts will not change.

What are Planview’s plans with Tasktop?

Tasktop’s customers will gain additional access to innovation, support, industry experience and customer success resources. Over time, we will capitalize on our existing partnerships and integrate our products even more robustly.

I am already using Tasktop to integrate with other products across our toolchain. Will this change?

No, we will continue to support our existing integrations and are committed to strengthening our integrations with more partners over time.