Tasktop Announces General Availability of Tasktop Viz to Guide Successful Transition From Project to Product

Provides Real-time Visibility of Software Product Value Streams, Actionable Insights into Obstacles Impeding Business Value Delivery

VANCOUVER, BC, March 11, 2020, Tasktop, the leader in value stream management, today announced the general availability of Tasktop Viz, its value stream management solution for organizations attempting to thrive in the Age of Software as they move from project to product. This latest offering implements the Flow Framework™, Tasktop's unique and prescriptive solution for connecting Agile and DevOps to the business, created by Tasktop founder Dr. Mik Kersten.

Tasktop Viz guides IT organizations’ successful transition from project to product regardless of where they are in that transition, by providing real-time visibility into the health of product value streams and actionable insights into the obstacles impeding business value delivery. For each product value stream, it crunches the objective data captured from IT's integrated toolchain – across teams, tools and departments – and generates Flow Metrics dashboards that pinpoint where work is slowing down and impacting time-to-market.

Key benefits of Tasktop Viz include:

  • Uncovers the impediments to speed the end-to-end delivery process and applies targeted automation to measurably increase flow.
  • Identifies where to spend innovation and digital transformation budgets to achieve desired business results and provides a measurement framework for tracking progress.
  • Creates visibility into IT performance through the business lens -- namely by measuring product value stream flowin terms of value realization and strategic objectives.
  • Provides a turnkey way of measuring software delivery and the progress of transformations.

“Software has eaten the world, and for even the most traditional companies in industries such as automotive, manufacturing and finance, their fortunes will be determined by their ability to deliver customer value via software effectively and efficiently,” said Neelan Choksi, president and COO, Tasktop. “We are thrilled to provide Tasktop Viz to organizations desperately attempting to master software at scale. Our initial customers have been raving about how the Flow Metrics are changing the conversation between IT and business. The dashboards in Tasktop Viz are making their way into the boardroom to provide visibility on the progress of digital transformations and to help justify major decisions around outsourcing and shifting budgets for IT. The general availability of Tasktop Viz means that Tasktop will be able to share these benefits of the Flow Framework to the entire market trying to compete in the Age of Software.”

The new solution is unique in three ways:

  • It is the only turnkey solution to support the transition from project to product and sustain a product-oriented IT organization. In fact, through Tasktop's no-code do-it-yourself modeling, business owners and tech managers can create actionable, product-specific dashboards in just a few clicks and get value from day one.
  • It provides instant out-of-the-box visibility into integrated data from across product delivery organizations (from ideation through operation) in a scalable way.
  • It is the first and only purpose-built solution to implement the Flow Framework for value stream management of software delivery. The Flow Framework helps IT leadership of traditional businesses manage their organizations like the big tech companies.

"Cubic has a long and successful history of driving innovation and technology leadership in the military and public sectors,” said Jim Colson, vice president and chief technology officer, Cubic Corporation. “We recently began integration and deployment of Tasktop and the Flow Framework as part of Cubic’s 2025 Strategic Initiatives around Engineering Excellence. Early results show that complementing our Agile, SAFe and DevOps methodologies with Tasktop Viz empowers our business and technology leaders with real-time insights into our value streams, enhancing our ability to deliver targeted business agility across our technology portfolio, regardless of the toolchains that underpin the work.”

”IT and the business see the world through two different lenses,” said Jason Zubrick, CTO of a delivery service company. “Having used Tasktop Viz, the translation between IT work streams and business outcomes became increasingly clearer. The tool provides amazing visibility into the impacts of strategy and prioritization decisions based on efficiency and velocity. I love that. And, it helped me refine with confidence because I could change aspects of my product value stream—like team size, story size, point commitments—and see the results quickly.”


Dr. Kersten’s Blog on Viz: Tasktop Viz Launched, Conquering the Cost of Delay.

Webinar: Accelerating Innovation at T-Mobile. March 18, 2020, 2 p.m. EDT: 5G & Beyond: Accelerating Innovation at T-Mobile with the Flow Framework. Join T-Mobile SVP, Technology, Bryan Fleming and Tasktop CEO Dr. Mik Kersten to learn how T-Mobile is using Tasktop Viz to change the way it builds to innovate and reduce time to market.

Webinar: Viz product. March 26, 2020, 1 p.m. EDT: Shifting from Project to Product with Tasktop Viz. Co-hosts Nicole Bryan, VP Product Development, and Naomi Lurie, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, will share real-life stories from enterprises using Tasktop Viz to make the shift to product. They’ll also share best practices on how to get started and literally get insights within days.

Webinar: Flow Framework. March 13, 10 a.m. EDT; March 27, 12 p.m. EDT. Flow Framework Information Session. Learn more about Tasktop’s Flow Framework as an implementation approach for organizing around and optimizing the software delivery value stream in this one-hour session. Find out how to visualize product value streams, identify what value units flow in the value stream and understand Flow Metrics and how they correlate to business results.

About Tasktop

Tasktop is the leader in value stream integration and visualization. It catalyzes the shift from Project to Product for global enterprises and governments, enabling them to innovate and thrive in the Age of Software. Its software development offerings leverage the Flow Framework™ to create customer-centric value streams and measure end-to-end business outcomes. Unlike data lakes and custom reporting solutions, Tasktop’s Flow Modeling ensures correct, scalable and turnkey Flow Metrics. And unlike Agile or IT tool vendors, Tasktop’s Flow Fabric enables end-to-end visibility across all leading vendor tools, maximizing investments in tool platforms, enabling the best-of-breed and future proofing tool chains.


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