Are your Value Stream Management initiatives actually delivering value?

While industry reports and analyst outlooks tell us that every new year will be a “race to digital transformation,” it seems 2021 is uniquely poised to be a defining moment. Building on the momentum of rapid response to the pandemic, enterprise IT leaders are being met with unprecedented support for accelerating digital innovation and emerging technologies.

But internal clout can only carry a transformation so far, even with increased appetite for investment and adoption. What will be different this year?

vsm platform

Measure and prove the ROI on transformation decisions

Measure and prove the ROI on transformation decisions

Nothing stalls momentum faster than blindspots into business value and results. Measuring and providing ROI on transformation decisions has historically been imprecise and time-consuming. Value Stream Management is an approach to measuring and improving the flow of business value and is gaining traction among high-performing organizations seeking certainty in their transformation journey.

Learn how Fortune 500 companies are applying VSM to:

  • Make better decisions based on accurate, up-to-date flow metrics and shared understanding and visibility
  • Get fast feedback on transformation decisions and product investments, and correct course quickly as markets and priorities change
  • Accelerate velocity and reduce time-to-market, by knowing where to invest and where to can unlock extra delivery capacity
vsm ebookvsm ebook

Value Stream Management: The key to balancing innovation and operational excellence

vsm buyers guidevsm buyers guide

The Buyer's Guide for Value Stream Management and Flow Metrics

Flow Metrics eBookFlow Metrics eBook

Business Leader’s Guide to Measuring What Matters in Software Delivery

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