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Few industries have been disrupted by market demands as much as telecommunications. For the leading providers, there’s constant pressure to stay at the forefront of innovation and rapid delivery of digital products that delight customers. The Tasktop VSM platform helps accelerate the transformation journey, enabling faster time-to-market, as well as enhanced business agility in a highly competitive space.

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Your digital transformation is calling

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Your digital transformation is calling

Fast software delivery continues to be a defining factor in giving market leaders their competitive edge. Over The Top (OTT) companies are constantly changing the landscape, offering customers enhanced convenience, seamless user experiences and reduced cost. This pace of disruption will only continue to accelerate.

How can you consistently and predictably meet your commitments to launch new products and services, if unforeseen dependencies and constraints keep slowing you down?

The Tasktop VSM platform gives you clear, simple visibility into fragmented delivery processes and aligns them to business outcomes. Leverage real-time value stream metrics to measure and continuously improve the end-to-end flow of the key software assets in your products:

  • Shift from project to product to accelerate feature delivery and time to business value
  • Uncover the extent of the “outsourcing black hole” and improve the speed and quality of sub-contractors
  • Continuously improve your end-to-end resolution times for defects to continuously improve customer satisfaction and retention.
  • Treat security, privacy and other vulnerabilities as a first-class citizen. Constantly track and address this work to safeguard your customers and the business.
  • Keep an eye on technical debt and pay it down to preserve existing and future performance.

For many, digital transformation is notoriously difficult to execute and optimize without proper visibility. Tasktop’s insights dashboard promises to solve this massive issue and save millions with a data-driven approach rolled up across product portfolios directly to our IT leaders.

Bryan Fleming, former SVP, Product & Technology, T-Mobile

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