Catalyze Your SAFe® Journey

The Scaled Agile Framework® offers many paths for aligning technical agility with business agility. But which one is right for you? And how do you help your organization embrace change?

By tracking the impact of your changes against business goals. Flow Metrics—from the Flow Framework® and adopted by SAFe—measures the effectiveness of your value streams from the customer POV.

Prove what’s working to double down (and what’s not to correct course faster). Build a strong data-driven case that motivates real change that propels your business.

SAFe® Value stream management platform

“The flow measurement domain has been heavily influenced by the work of (Dr.) Mik Kersten. His Flow Framework provides five metrics that can be used to measure different aspects of flow. As SAFe is a flow-based system, each of these metrics is directly applicable and are now incorporated into the SAFe body of knowledge.” - Scaled Agile

If SAFe® is your map, Flow Metrics become your GPS

SAFe® vsm solutionSAFe® vsm solution

If SAFe® is your map, Flow Metrics become your GPS

With Tasktop Viz®—the only turnkey Flow Metrics solution—you’re able to quantify your SAFe investment at a leadership and team level.

  • Measure your SAFe practices—such as sprint goals, feature hypothesis and your PI objectives—against business results to ensure you’re actually improving over time.
  • Answer critical questions like:
    • Are we capable of rapid response to market changes?
    • With each PI, are we delivering the right mix of work?
    • Is time-to-market getting shorter?
    • Is quality improving?
    • Are our teams actively engaged or reverting to old ways of working (such as Waterfall)?
    • Do we have visibility into upstream and downstream bottlenecks?
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SAFe solution vsmSAFe solution vsm
Scale vsm flow frameworkScale vsm flow framework

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Unable to prove that your SAFe progress is delivering for the business? Lost the thread and looking to find your way back to the light? Or maybe you’re just getting started. No matter where you are in your SAFe journey, our Flow Team can help you deliver on the framework’s promise.  Let’s talk.