How Tasktop's Value Stream Management Platform can Impact the Shift from Project to Product

Traditional project management is derailing your digital transformation. The Tasktop VSM Platform enables you to better manage and improve the software products that are the lifeblood of your business.

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Your Compass for Shifting from Project to Product

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Your Compass for Shifting from Project to Product

Don’t waste the time, energy and resources going in the wrong direction. Leveraging objective value stream metrics, you can measure your product value streams against key business results in real-time to guide your decision-making:

  • Establish consistent outcome-based metrics for your current and future state
  • Baseline how quickly your products are actually meeting customer needs
  • Set targets for improvement and learning and track progress
  • Continuously identify and remove system bottlenecks in your product value streams
  • Dig into bottlenecks and probe issues to unlock flow of customer value

Turnkey Dashboards for the Shift From Project to Product

Tasktop Viz is a turnkey solution for implementing the Flow Framework®, a lean and prescriptive framework for shifting from project to product. Introduced by Tasktop CEO and Founder Dr. Mik Kersten in his best-selling book Project to Product, the Flow Framework is designed to help traditional businesses master software at scale and survive the next decade of digital disruption.

Master Software at Scale

  • Measure what matters. Tasktop Viz measures flow—the rate of business value delivered for each product value stream, correlated to actual business outcomes.
  • Grow and protect the business. Tasktop Viz paints the Flow Metrics in four colors representing the four flow items, the units of value your customers will ‘pay for’.
  • Avoid siloed optimizations. Tasktop Viz builds the Flow Metrics dashboards from the combined work of all value stream contributors

Regardless of where you are on your journey from project to product, Tasktop Viz will help you establish where you are today, and—maybe more importantly—the right next steps to make the journey as painless as possible.


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In Project to Product, Tasktop CEO introduces the Flow Framework™ — a new way of seeing, measuring, and managing software delivery.