Help others see what you see. Make all your work visible.

Tasktop Viz makes unplanned work and tech debt visible and explicit, and it measures their impact on velocity and engagement. So you can break old habits, prevent burnout, and get the resources you need.

“We were able for the first time to get a resource allocated to us outside of a budgeting cycle based on taking this live data to our CIO.”

— Manager of Enterprise Applications, Healthcare Provider

Developer Leaders

Data-driven insights to improve time-to-market

Flow metrics software developers

Data-driven insights to improve time-to-market

Tasktop Viz creates the environment for data-driven continuous improvement, by the teams, for the teams.

“Empowering teams is pretty much the slickest thing I’m seeing come out of this so far”.

— Business Agility Coach, Fortune 100 Financial Services Company

Tasktop Viz maintains a full history of your Flow Metrics over time, to establish what’s worth repeating and scaling—and what absolutely is not.

“It’s so important for my CEO and COO to see that they don’t get to just move chess pieces around. There are impacts and consequences.”

— CTO, Logistics Sector

white paper SAFe transformationwhite paper SAFe transformation

White Paper

Measuring Your SAFe® Transformation with Flow Metrics

Tasktop VizTasktop Viz


The Tasktop VSM Platform

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Business Guide

The Buyer’s Guide for Value Stream Management and Flow Metrics

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