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Project to Product

Transitioning from short-term project-oriented IT to a product-focused organization can dramatically accelerate the flow of value to your customers. Tasktop’s VSM Platform provides turnkey solutions that can make this journey as painless as possible.

Flow Framework®

The Flow Framework® was first introduced in Mik Kersten's best seller book, Project to Product, and provides organizations with a blueprint for executing a value stream management approach that connects IT to the business.


Is your organization going through a SAFe® transformation? Tasktop's value stream management is a SAFe® that will ensure you're tracking progress and delivering results.


Things happen fast, markets change, customers demands and requirements are always shifting. In software delivery, if your business is not equipped to adapt on the fly, it can spell disaster. Value stream management is a way of ensuring your teams are approaching Agile from a data driven decision view.


As many organizations lean towards DevOps as their standard for delivering software to market, it is becoming more crucial to align all teams across the and organization to ensure a successful DevOps adoption. Value stream management allows that team alignment to become possible.

By Industry


With software making up a massive share of what goes into automobiles, having a value stream management platform critical to ensuring you're a driver in the industry's digital future.


IT organizations in healthcare are delivering software to improve the virtual patient experience as well as implement digital processes for many healthcare providers. VSM has become critical to managing this huge shift.


IT in Federal government operations are shifting how they deliver software by adopting a flexible model dictated by data and value. The need for a value stream management platform has increased as agencies seek team aligned and visibility.

By Department


The PMO can benefit from leveraging a value stream management platform as they will gain the visibility required to help leadership with strategy and how to manage resources and priorities. VSM is becoming essential to the PMO's roll in helping organizations make smarter investment decisions.

Business Executives

These days leadership teams are tasked with being more strategic in where they invest efforts. Having the visibility into what is working vs. what is hurting growth is a priority. This is where Tasktop's value stream management platform can help Business Executives.

Product Leaders

Product leaders benefit from having a value stream management platform as they are able to finally prove the business impact their teams are delivering. Get the data you need to optimize efforts based one customer needs and operational work flow.

Developer Leaders

Get the data you need to provide a proper business case into how investing in you team's efforts will impact ROI for the organization. By implementing a value stream management platform, you'll improve your team's collaboration and be able to tie efforts back to business value.

Find a solution that fits

Tasktop is the ideal value stream management solution for delivering on your organization's software development goals. Whether you're going through a digital transformation or need visibility on how to improve velocity, Tasktop can provide your teams with the actionable insights to maximize ROI potential.