Tasktop's Integration and Value Stream Management Consulting Services

The Tasktop team includes experts on a variety of software development and delivery topics. They are available to provide both strategic consulting and technical professional services ensuring your integration solution is deployed and always on.

Integration value stream management

Integration Implementation & Training Services

The Services Team provides services and support on all of Tasktop's products including our partner OEM editions. These technical services are available via a lightweight quick-start enablement of just two purpose-built tools, to an enterprise enablement, to a customized Statement of Work, giving you the flexibility to detail the precise service you desire. 

Services help you deploy Tasktop solutions in a point-to-point, or full value stream integration providing training, best practice recommendations, and support for the introduction of Tasktop solutions into your value stream management environment. 



vsm consulting

Value Stream Management Strategic Consulting

Our experience helping organizations with demanding software development and delivery challenges has given us a unique set of skills. Leveraging this deep expertise in purpose-built value stream tools and techniques, we can provide strategic consulting services independent of our products such as: value stream workshops and metrics service consulting.

custom software deployments

Custom Software Development Services

Our solution engineers can develop custom connectors for your in-house tools allowing all critical systems in your value stream to be integrated using Tasktop. Please contact us for an assessment of your requirements.

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