ServiceNow® Salesforce Integration

ServiceNow® Salesforce Integration

ServiceNow Salesforce IntegrationServiceNow Salesforce Integration

Tasktop's ServiceNow to Salesforce integration will aid in keeping your teams across your product value stream on the same page. This can ultimately be the difference between a positive customer experience and one that falls flat. Leveraging Tasktop your support engineers will be in full collaboration with your sales teams, reducing any risk of not attending to feature requests. Teams can use their tool of choice, regardless of their department, and with Tasktop Integration Hub, can flow information bi-directionally, keeping everyone up to date on the status of the artifacts.

When a customer reaches out to a support engineer, the support engineer goes ahead and creates a problem in ServiceNow. That problem automatically creates a case in Salesforce to notify the account team of that particular customer. This type of information flow creates a higher level of efficiencies across your teams and frees up time for your teams spent on waste and allows more focus on customer value.

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