ServiceNow Jira Integration

servicenow jira integration

Improve cross department collaboration between your support team and your developers by integrating ServiceNow and Jira. With Tasktop Integration Hub's ServiceNow Jira integration, organizations can be sure that their developers and support engineers are in sync when it comes to delivering customer requests and ensuring issues are resolved. This bi-directional connector ensures that information automatically flows back and forth between tools as status updates and submitted. The value in integrating your tools is that your teams can work much more collaboratively, and effectively, without having to leave their tool of choice. This level of information synchronization reduces any overhead otherwise used in duplicate data entry, email communications and redundant status meetings. Connecting your tools with Tasktop is point and click, meaning the setup doesn't require any code. This allows your teams to focus their capacity on delivering value for your customers.


The following video takes this common scenario of connecting support engineers and developers one step further by also including testers. We look at how Tasktop connects these important teams by integrating Jira, ServiceNow and Micro Focus ALM.




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