Agile at Scale - And in Practice: SAFe® and the Flow Metrics

safe agile flow metricssafe agile flow metrics

In both the commercial and federal space, the Scaled Agile Framework® is widely considered the de facto way to scale Agile initiatives in software development. Yet despite heavy investment in SAFe®, many executives and decision-makers have lacked the real-time accurate data to monitor the progress of their program and mission outcomes - until now.

The latest iteration of SAFe (5.1) has adopted Flow Metrics from the Flow Framework® to measure how value is flowing across their software-driven value streams. In this white paper, independent consultant Cecil “Gary” Rupp delves into the significance of this development:

  1. Creating the Agile Enterprise
  2. Aligning the Organization Around Value Stream Flows
  3. Making Work Visible
  4. Improving Visibility with Metrics and Measurements
  5. SAFe 5.1 - Measuring Outcomes, Flow and Competency
  6. Defining Value-Creation and Protection Work Items
  7. Aligning Measurements with Expected Mission Outcomes

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