DevOps Enterprise Summit 2015

Tasktop Sync Implementation at Nationwide Insurance Case Study

Carmen DeArdo - How DevOps is Enabling Lean Application Development

The presentation below discusses how continued application of DevOps methods at Nationwide Insurance and their implementation of Tasktop Sync is transforming Nationwide's ability to deliver key business capabilities more quickly and predictably.

Nationwide's journey started with setting up agile development standing teams. With over 200 agile teams in place across the enterprise, significant quality and productivity improvements were realized. However it soon became obvious that they were reaching a point of diminishing returns due to wait states and contentions points in other areas of the delivery value stream.

At this point it became necessary to perform more analysis to determine how additional DevOps practices could be applied as part of a Lean Application Development Initiative. This required people (culture), process and technology changes, including Tasktop Sync implementation. The application of DevOps practices providing continuous visibility and delivery, was a key component of optimizing the end to end delivery value stream.