Webinar Recording: The Changing Face Of ALM

We are increasingly living in a software economy where business innovation and value are directly tied to software. Software supply chains are changing into ecosystems where control has to be replaced with transparency and collaboration.

But has the management discipline of software delivery kept pace? Has ALM kept pace? The answer is NO. Traditional ALM approaches focused on tools and the SDLC rather than the collaboration and flow.

In this talk Dave West, Chief Product Officer at Tasktop describes what Lean ALM looks like. Introducing the 4 tenets of Autonomy, Transparency, Adaptability and Collaboration (ATAC) unite to maximize flow. In this talk Dave described:

* Why the time is right for Lean ALM
* What is Lean ALM
* Autonomy
* Transparency
* Adaptability
* Collaboration
* What it means to your tool and process strategy


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