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tasktop value stream management

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Tasktop sits above all the software delivery disciplines, allowing you to visualize and optimize the flow of work.
Through groundbreaking no-code, do-it-yourself modeling, you can rapidly visualize flow and start to improve it:

  • Tasktop Viz captures data from each tool for measurement and analysis. Its out-of-the-box Flow Metrics dashboards for business users provide instant integrated visibility into flow across the end-to-end value stream.
  • Tasktop Hub creates high-fidelity integrations between your tools, so you can deliver more, faster. Tasktop Hub connects the value stream network to automate data flow between your practitioners across tool boundaries and introduce automated traceability.

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Built for Enterprise Scale. Making it easy is hard work. We've done it for you.

Flow modeling

Tasktop products are predicated on the concept of modeling, so the solutions can be configured by business users and easily scaled to the entire organization.

Flow Fabric

Tasktop's Flow Fabric provides the robust data capture layer, insulating your metrics and integrations from tool and environment changes.

Flow frawmework

The Flow Framework® provides the blueprint for practicing value stream management in Enterprise IT and shifting from project to product.

Viz - value stream management

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Tasktop Viz

Tasktop Viz generates a live value stream visualization of your software products. Unlike any other metrics solution on the market, Viz is turnkey  and designed for rapid time-to-value. Business users can instrument their value streams in Viz in just a few clicks and get end-to-end Flow Metrics dashboards within minutes. 

Unlike any other metrics solution on the market, Tasktop Viz is turnkey and designed for rapid time-to-value.

  • Tasktop Viz records how work is progressing from the objective data captured from tools across all contributing departments and teams.
  • Tasktop Viz models the business view of products and portfolios onto the data and highlights value delivery.
  • Tasktop Viz replays history to uncover the factors that impact business outcomes to inform future decisions.

Tasktop Viz 

Hub - Value stream management

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Tasktop Hub

Tasktop Hub improves Flow Efficiency and shortens Flow Time by automating powerful workflows across tool boundaries. The only model-based integration platform for connecting the value stream network, Hub is 4x faster to set up and 10x easier to maintain than any other solution.

  • Tasktop Hub automates the necessary data flow from one tool to the other—bringing the work to the people, when they need it, and in their tool of choice.
  • Tasktop Hub eliminates waste in everyday operations that are draining productivity, like duplicate data entry, manual handovers and manual traceability.
  • Tasktop Hub creates a single source of truth to improve collaboration between disciplines including Product, Development, Testing, Release and Operations.

Tasktop Hub is 4x faster to set up and 10x easier to maintain than any other solution.

TASKTOP hub   Editions 

value stream management customer quote

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We came to Tasktop originally because we wanted to sync our work in Agile Central with that of a customer, and subsequently we've found that Tasktop Hub is very efficient in setting up integrations and is easy to use. What makes it very powerful are the data conversions included, and we've found that if a particular conversion isn't included, the Tasktop Customer Support Team is very helpful in getting us up and running. I've been impressed with Hub—it is a new paradigm in how to do integrations and it works particularly well with cloud-based systems. I've recommended Tasktop on a number of occasions.

 – Dan Poling, SA ®, CSM ®, Principal Developer, DevOps Tools, Finastra

tasktop flow fabric

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Rapid time to value with Flow Fabric

Tasktop has created the industry’s most comprehensive encyclopedia of tool API capabilities per tool, per version. Our high-performance and low-impact connectors are built to a meticulous specification, to maintain operational stability of your tools as well as the integrity of your data.

Every single day, our connectors are tested vigorously through our Integration Factory, which proactively runs 500,000 tests on more than 300 tool versions to ensure their seamless operation in any environment.

You can upgrade your tools without fear and have confidence that whatever tool version you run, Tasktop will work.

Tasktop has created the industry’s most comprehensive encyclopedia of tool API capabilities per tool, per version. 

value stream management platform demo

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Schedule A Demo of Tasktop's Value Stream Management Platform.

Schedule a walkthrough of our Value Stream Management Platform. Whether you're looking to integrate your tools and unify your teams with Tasktop Hub, or if you're looking to measure results and gain insights with Tasktop Viz, our demos will provide you with a live showing of our products and our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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