Make Agile and DevOps Work at Scale





Everyone in your organization works in their tools of choice, but has access to updates other team members make in theirs. This reduces manual re-keying of information, mistakes caused by old or incomplete information as well as interminable email threads and status meetings. For example, requirements will flow automatically from the BA’s tool to the dev team’s Agile planning tool and to the tester’s test management tool. Defects are automatically recorded in the defect tracking tool when the code scanning tools find security vulnerabilities.

Start Small, Scale DevOps Fast

Whether you’re connecting two tools or 20, just a few projects or hundreds, your integrations need to be straightforward to set up and manage. With Tasktop's model-based integration, you're able to use customized models for each artifact allowing you to reuse those models across multiple projects and tools. 



Gain Visibility and Traceability Across Your Value Stream

Individual tools can only report on the data they manage, making it difficult to see the bottleneck in your software delivery. Tasktop enables visibility and traceability across the full lifecycle of software development and delivery, from ideation to production. Whenever artifacts change in any of the connected tools, activity data is streamed to a centralized database where it can be manipulated and visualized using standard business intelligence tools.