Tasktop Privacy Policy

Last updated: May 22, 2018

The following Tasktop companies are covered by this policy (the “Tasktop Group”):

  • Tasktop Technologies Incorporated (“Tasktop”), which provides products and services to dramatically improve the efficiency of the software development and delivery process
  • Tasktop Technologies US Incorporated ("TTUS"), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tasktop which manages Tasktop's sales, services and operations activity in the United States.
  • Tasktop Technologies Limited (“TTUK”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Tasktop, which manages Tasktop's sales, partnerships, services and operations activity in Europe, Middle East, and Asia (EMEA).

Tasktop Group as Data Controllers and our responsibilities:

Tasktop is responsible for and is the Data Controller of your personal information that it receives through tasktop.com and related sub-domains, and Tasktop accounts.

Each Tasktop Group entity is a Data Processor regarding personal information about you, that you and the Tasktop Group provides them in relation to your sales, service and support requests.

Ultimately, Tasktop is the parent company of the Tasktop Group and provides all of the IT infrastructure through the above-mentioned companies. Tasktop is therefore both a Data Controller as noted above and a Data Processor to the above-mentioned parties.

References to “we” (e.g. we collect…) in this Privacy Policy refers to the Tasktop Group.

Tasktop is responsible for, and is the Data Controller of your personal information that Tasktop:

  • collects in your jurisdiction through the www.tasktop.com website and other web pages which we operate and in which we post a direct link to this policy.
  • Uses to provide product support, deployment and other services to you.

If you have any questions about this policy and its application, please contact us at privacy@tasktop.com

Changes to this Privacy Policy

We may modify or update this privacy policy from time to time. We will post a notice for 30 days at the top of this page notifying users when this Privacy Notice is updated or modified in a material way. Where changes to this privacy policy will have a fundamental impact on the nature of the processing or otherwise have a substantial impact on you, we will give you sufficient notice so that you can exercise any rights you may have under local law (e.g. to object to the processing).


These are the main ways we collect your information:

  • If you contact us directly via our websites or via our customer hotlines to request information about our products and services.
  • If you buy a product or service directly from us.
  • If you complete a form to download our content or express interests in our events.
  • If you sign up for a Tasktop account
  • If you reply to our direct marketing campaigns.
  • If with your permission, your contact details are transferred from authorised partners or other third parties.
  • If we acquired your personal data from other sources with your permission.

If you provide information on behalf of someone else, you must ensure that they have been provided with this Privacy Notice before doing so.

If you are under 16 please do not provide us with any of your information unless you have the permission of your parent or guardian to do so.

Please help us to keep your information up to date by informing us of any changes to your contact details or preferences. You may change or review your preferences at https://go.tasktop.com/Communication-Preferences.html or by emailing us at privacy@tasktop.com.


The following types of personal information about you may be collected:

Contact Details

  • This information may include your name, title, and business address, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • If you request, we may collect your personal address and contact information to send you promotional items.

Website and Communication Usage

  • How you use our website and whether you open or forward our communications, including information collected through cookies and other tracking technologies (please see our Cookie Policy).

Sales and Services Information

  • Relating to purchases and services, including support requests and feedback.


The main uses of your information are:

Customer Support and Marketing. We also use your personal data for support and for personalised communication regarding Tasktop products and services, where necessary with your consent. For these purposes, Tasktop Group may transmit this data among the Tasktop Group companies.

Additionally, we use personal information you provide us to respond to your enquiries and perform the services requested. For example, if you fill out a “Contact Me” Web form, we will use the information provided to contact you about your interest in Tasktop products and services.

Compliance with legal requests for your information. We may be legally required to provide your information to law enforcement agencies, regulators and courts and third-party litigants in connection with proceedings or investigations anywhere in the world.

Transfer to Sub-processors.

Personal information which we collected may be transferred to third parties as sub-processors of your information to enable us to provide you with our products and services, support, and personalized information with your consent. Please see our Sub-processor list for our current sub-processors.

The information we provide our sub-processors is shared in a secure manner, using industry standard security practices. When we share information with other parties we ensure that they only use your personal data for the purpose it was collected.

Legal Basis for Processing Your Information

The use of your information set out above is permitted based on these principal legal grounds:

  • where you have consented to the use (you will have been presented with a consent form in relation to any such use and may withdraw your consent at any time at https://go.tasktop.com/UnsubscribePage or by emailing us at privacy@tasktop.com.
  • where necessary to enter into or perform our contract with you.
  • where we need to use it to comply with our legal obligations.
  • where we use it to achieve a legitimate interest and our reasons for using it outweigh any prejudice to your data protection rights. Our legitimate interests include:
    • promoting the Tasktop Group business and tailoring news and offers to your profile;
    • research and development of software development value stream integration related products and services; and
    • the management and tracking of our product licenses and services to end users)
    • where necessary for us to defend, prosecute or make a claim against you, us or a third party

There may be uses that are permitted based on other grounds; where this is the case we will use reasonable endeavours to identify the ground and communicate it you as soon as possible after becoming aware of the new basis.


We use a variety of security measures, including encryption and access control tools, to help protect and maintain security, integrity and availability of your information.

Although data transmission over the Internet or website cannot be guaranteed to be secure, we and our business partners work hard to maintain physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information in accordance with applicable data protection requirements. Our main security measures are:

  • established information security program and policies
  • restricted access to your data on a 'need to know' basis and for the communicated purpose only
  • encryption of transmitted personal information
  • network security controls for preventing unauthorised access
  • ongoing monitoring of IT systems to detect and stop misuse of personal data

If you have a personal password which enables you to access certain parts of our websites or any other portal, app or service we operate, do not forget your responsibility for selecting a strong and unique password and keeping it confidential. We ask you not to share your password with anyone.


We retain your information only as is necessary for the purpose for which we obtained it and any other permitted linked purposes, such as to meet legal and regulatory records retention requirements. If information is used for two purposes, we will retain it until the purpose with the latest period expires; but we will stop using it for the purpose with a shorter period once that period expires.

Use for marketing:

We retain your personal information for as long as is necessary, but only for the relevant purpose that we collected it for. You retain the right to remove this consent at any point.

Use to perform a contract:

In relation to your information used to perform any contractual obligation with you we may retain that data whilst the contract remains in force plus a one year to deal with any queries or claims thereafter. We may, however, retain your personal contact information for our legitimate business interests where our use of such information does not outweigh any prejudice to your data protection rights.

Where claims are contemplated:

In relation to any information where we reasonably believe it will be necessary to defend or prosecute or make a claim against you, us or a third party, we may retain that data for as long as that claim could be pursued.

Who May We Share Your Information With.

Other than the Tasktop companies referred to above.

Service Providers

We may share information about visitors to our Web sites, event attendees, and our customers with our contracted service providers so that these service providers can provide services on our behalf. These service providers are authorized to use this personal information only as necessary to provide the requested services to us. Without limiting the foregoing, we may also share this information with our service providers with third–party social networking and media Web sites, such as Facebook, for marketing and advertising of Tasktop products and services on those Web sites. Unless described in this Privacy Notice, we do not share, sell, rent, or trade any information with third parties for their promotional purposes.

Business Partners

From time to time, we may partner with other companies to jointly offer products, services, or programs (such as webinars or downloadable content). If you purchase, specifically express interest in, or register for a jointly–offered product, service, or program from or through Tasktop, we may share information collected in connection with your purchase or expression of interest with our partner(s). We do not control our partners’ use of your information we provide in accordance with this section, and their use of the information will be in accordance with their own privacy policies. If you do not wish for your information to be shared in this manner, you may opt not to purchase or specifically express interest in a jointly offered product or service.

We do not share information about Tasktop Group event attendees with business partners unless: (1) you specifically opt in to such sharing via an event registration form; (2) you attend a Tasktop Group event and allow Tasktop or any of its business partners to scan your attendee badge; or (3) you otherwise specifically opt in to such sharing. If you do not wish for your information to be shared in this manner, you may not provide your specific opt-in for such sharing, you may choose not to opt in via event registration forms and elect not to have your badge scanned at Tasktop Group events. If you choose to share your information with business partners in the manners described above, your information will be subject to the business partners’ respective privacy statements.

International transfer of information collected

Tasktop is a global company. Your personal information may be accessed by our staff, agents or contractors from a country outside your country of residence for any of the purposes set out, in which data protection laws may be of a lower standard than your country of residence. We will ensure that any of your information that is accessible outside your country of residence is handled subject to appropriate safeguards.

Certain countries outside the European Economic Area (EEA), such as Canada and Switzerland, have been approved by the European Commission as providing essentially equivalent protection to EEA data protection laws and therefore no additional legal safeguards are required. In countries which have not had such approval, we will either ask for your consent to the transfer or transfer it subject to European Commission approved contractual terms that impose equivalent data protection obligations directly on the recipient unless we are permitted under applicable data protection law to make such transfers without such formalities.

Your Data Protection Rights

Under certain conditions you have the right to require us to:

  • Provide you with further detail on the use we make of your information
  • Provide you with a copy of your information
  • Update any inaccuracies in the information we hold about you
  • Delete any information about you that we no longer have a lawful ground to use
  • Remove you from any direct marketing lists when you object or withdraw your consent
  • Provide you with your personal information in a usable electronic format and transmit it to a third party (right to data portability)
  • Restrict our use of your personal information
  • Cease carrying out certain processing activities based on the legitimate interests ground unless our reasons for undertaking that processing outweigh any prejudice to your data protection rights.

Your exercise of these rights is subject to certain exemptions to safeguard the public interest (e.g. the prevention or detection of crime), our interests (e.g. the maintenance of legal privilege) and the rights of third parties.

If you are dissatisfied with our use of your information or our response to any exercise of these rights, you have the right to complain to your data protection authority. For European Data Subjects in the UK it is the Information Commissioner's Office (click ICO for more information).


If you would like to:

  • obtain further information about Tasktop’s use of your personal information;
  • change your preferences or withdraw your consent in relation to how Tasktop uses your personal information;
  • request the correction, deletion or restriction of your personal data for analytics and/or marketing use; or
  • otherwise exercise your data protection rights.

Please contact the Tasktop Group’s data protection officer:

  • By sending an email to privacy@tasktop.com
  • Or by writing to us at: Tasktop Technologies Incorporated, 1100-1500 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6G 2Z6, Canada