Value Stream Integration Leader Tasktop Offering Complimentary Copy of Independent Report on Value Stream Management

Value Stream Integration Leader Tasktop Offering Complimentary Copy of Independent Report on Value Stream Management

Report Notes Tasktop Provides Core VSM Capability, Enabling Traceability, Visibility, Connections Between People, Process, Technology

VANCOUVER, BC, May 9, 2018Tasktop, the leader in Value Stream Integration, today announced that it is making available at no cost the April 20, 2018 Forrester report Elevate Agile-Plus-DevOps With Value Stream Management by Christopher Condo and Diego Lo Giudice. 

Despite a decade of implementing the tools and practices of application life cycle management (ALM), Agile and DevOps, there are many gaps when it comes to visibility and traceability across all of an enterprise’s software assets. Value stream management (VSM) enables companies to deliver on the real business promise of Agile and DevOps. With VSM, organizations implementing Agile-plus-DevOps will better understand the value they deliver, the efficiencies they gain and the further optimization possibilities for each software product in their delivery pipeline. The report introduces application development and delivery (AD&D) pros to VSM and maps some vendors converging on this new market.

“DevOps initiatives are accelerating in the largest enterprises and agencies in the world,” said Tasktop CEO Mik Kersten. “Unfortunately, the value stream management layer has been missing for many of these organizations, which has made it very difficult to connect the business to DevOps. I highly recommend this report to anyone involved at a leadership level with an Agile or DevOps transformation. I vividly remember reading the first reports on ALM, which Forrester introduced a decade ago, and how impactful they were. I believe that we are about to see the same kind of impact from the VSM category that this report defines.”

According to the authors, “Value stream management provides greater transparency, measurement, and control of the software delivery pipeline. It allows product managers to view progress and coordinate features to a schedule, it allows AD&D leaders to find waste in their software delivering tool chain and reduce or remove it using automation, and it allows release teams to manage and govern the release process.”

The authors also report that “Tasktop provides integration capabilities across a broad range of DevOps tooling — a core VSM capability that enables traceability, visibility, and connections between the people, process, and technology.”

Among key takeaways of the report, Tasktop believes, is the critical nature of VSM. The authors strongly suggest that organizations take the initial steps toward VSM immediately. They note that many offerings can provide immediate help with driving greater value delivery in the software delivery process. They say that experimenting with VSM is a must-do for AD&D pros who want to mature their organization’s Agile-plus-DevOps journey.

In addition, they suggest the following specific steps to get started:

  • Get educated on VSM. Chief technology officers or CIOs should familiarize themselves with VSM and its ability to provide a connected, business-oriented view of the capability and performance of the software delivering pipeline.
  • Conduct a VS mapping exercise. This will help organizations understand where their current software delivery pipeline generates waste and value. They will soon realize the value that comes from this exercise.
  • Evaluate your vendor’s VSM offering. Look at your current vendor’s VSM offerings and compare them to the Forrester definition of a fully capable VSM tool. AD&D leaders often don’t realize they can leverage this capability using what they have. How much effort exploiting VSM will take depends on the extent to which their vendors have supported VSM.

Full Report Available at No Cost from Tasktop

To obtain the full report from Tasktop, interested parties should click here.

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