Tasktop Speaking at Three Industry Events in May Presenting on Software Delivery, Agile and DevOps, Application Lifecycle Management

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Techorama 2015 Keynote: Making software delivery flow and learning from software innovators
Who: Dave West, Tasktop Chief Product Officer
What: Keynote
Where: Mechelen, Belgium
When: Wednesday, May 13 at 13:30
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Session Description:
How many times have you heard a business sponsor ask ‘why can’t you guys deliver software as fast as Google or Facebook or Angry Birds?’ The reality of most organizations is that software development never delivers as fast as the business and for many there is a major difference between their delivery speed and that of the poster children of Silicon Valley. But can that difference in speed and ability to innovate be only attributable to a clear focus on software delivery and the skill and capability of their staff or is there something else that good engineering companies bring to the table? In this talk Dave West, Chief Product Officer and former Forrester analyst describes how modern software organizations connect up their lifecycle and integrate their end to end process. And how, driven by DevOps, Lean Startup and Agile thinking software delivery can be continuous rather than fragmented by silo tools, process and practices. This talk will describe how Lean Thinking can transform your delivery organization not only in terms of the software delivery team but also the PMO and your service desk.

Techorama 2015: Why is Agile putting the Lifecycle into DevOps?
Who: Dave West, Tasktop Chief Product Officer
What: Speaking Session
Where: Mechelen, Belgium
When: Wednesday, May 13 at 8:45 AM
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Session Description: For many, DevOps is used to describe the process of release automation. DevOps is the desire by development to use automation to help build bridges with operations. Model driven deployment coupled with improved reporting and transparency enables operations and development to work together by providing a common language and trusted set of techniques. But the promise of DevOps is so much more than release, it should be about building a strong set of working practices between operations and development that foster trust, cooperation and in so doing so reduce waste and increase value. Agile has provided a framework that allows development teams to collaborate more effectively. Agile has changed the lifecycle and practices development use. But can the Agile lifecycle be employed across to operations, and what would the broader lifecycle look like?

In this talk Dave West, Chief Product Officer at Tasktop describes the challenges and opportunities that Agile + real DevOps affords organizations. He presents a broad view of an Agile+DevOps lifecycle showing all the integration points.

Global Rational User Community (GRUC) Webcast: Scaling Agile with Continuous Collaboration
Who: Jeff Downs, Tasktop Senior Pre-Sales Engineer 
What: Live GRUC webcast
When: May 13, 2015, 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (Central Standard Time)
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Session Description:At large scale, the sheer number of legacy systems, stakeholder specific tools, and governance processes can turn even a simple Agile deployment into a complicated undertaking. The ability to scale Agile is critical for any size organization aspiring to remain competitive in a software-driven economy.Jeff Downs will lead a discussion about being Agile by keeping the focus on people—rather than processes and tools—through integration. Jeff introduces several tool-agnostic integration patterns, including defect unification, Agile orchestration, and supply chain integration, which are critical to any organization trying to succeed with large scale Agile. Learn how these integration patterns lead to an integrated Agile tool suite around your collaborative lifecycle management (CLM) investment that breaks down the barriers between teams, puts your people in a position to continuously collaborate, and enables a scaled Agile initiative.

ALM Forum Seattle, Business of Software Delivery Track
Who: Mik Kersten, Tasktop CEO
What: Speaking session, ALM Integration Patterns: from build automation to continuous collaboration
Where: Bell Harbor Conference Center, Seattle, WA
When: Tuesday, May 19, 2015, 10:45 AM
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Session Description: In his talk, Kersten will review experiences and lessons learned working with application lifecycle management (ALM) on a very large scale, using examples from the top 10 banks, the largest retailers, and major car manufacturers. Each of these organizations aspired to DevOps transformation, but was challenged by integrating the process of rapid iterations and continuous delivery with existing systems and stakeholders. This led Kersten and his colleagues at these organizations to compile a set of tool-agnostic ALM Integration Patterns, with each pattern--Defect Unification, Agile Orchestration and Supply Chain Integration--building on the core ideas of continuous delivery and release automation. During the session, he will review a case study for each of these patterns and discuss how each implementation lead to ALM success. He will also present a compelling view of a DevOps future that comes directly from his experiences creating the open source Eclipse Mylyn project.

ALM Forum, ALM Analyst Panel
Who: Dave West, Tasktop Chief Product Officer
What: ALM Analyst Panel
Where: Bell Harbor Conference Center, Seattle, WA
When: Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at 4:45 PM
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Session Description: Join industry veteran Dave West as he moderates a panel of his past colleagues and find out what these analysts - based on their latest industry research - believe are the current and emerging trends in ALM tooling. 

About Tasktop
Over one million users employ Tasktop’s ALM and DevOps integration technology to transform the productivity of software delivery, by connecting the development, testing, Agile planning, PMO and operations functions into a unified software development and delivery team. Tasktop customers are the global leaders in financial services, insurance, government and manufacturing, and include 21 of the Fortune 100, six of the top 25 banks in the world and three of the top seven US insurance companies. Partners, including CA, HP, IBM and Serena, rely on our independent, vendor-neutral role to connect their customers’ software delivery disciplines via OEM distributions of our products. Tasktop has defined the Software Lifecycle Integration (SLI) category to fulfill our mission to “connect the world of software delivery.” For more information about Tasktop and SLI, please visit: http://tasktop.com

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