Tasktop Releases DevOps Integration Hub to Support Large-Scale DevOps Transformations

Tasktop Sync and Data Extended to Provide Integration
and Visibility Across Continuous Delivery Tool Chains

VANCOUVER, BC, Feb. 29, 2016Tasktop, the leader in Software Lifecycle Integration (SLI) and creator of the Eclipse Mylyn open source tool, today announced dramatic advancements to its Tasktop Sync and Tasktop Data solutions that enable organizations to benefit from a connected, end-to-end software delivery lifecycle – starting from the needs of their businesses through software production.

According to Tasktop CEO Mik Kersten, “The biggest impediment to large-scale DevOps transformations is the lack of integration between the tools that define the delivery lifecycle. Enterprise developers, managers, testers and the operations team are all tracking their work in different disconnected systems. Different still are the automation tools used within a DevOps practice. This makes it impossible to scale DevOps deployments from a core team of 50 to a team of 5000 stakeholders. We’ve solved this DevOps scalability problem with today’s release of the Tasktop Gateway capability for Tasktop Sync and Tasktop Data. This new capability allows organizations to automate the connection between their DevOps automation tools and their lifecycle management tools, providing enterprise organizations with an an end-to-end DevOps Integration Hub.”

Organizations adopting a full-lifecycle DevOps initiative need visibility to all aspects of their software development and delivery capability. Tasktop’s synchronization and lifecycle data federation have enabled this for the leading Agile, ALM and SDLC deployments. However, organizations are now deploying a very broad range of DevOps automation tools like CI, CD and test automation; analysis tools like code review and static code analysis; and monitoring tools like APM products. Tasktop’s new Gateway capability allows all of these tools to be added to the entire range of Agile and ALM, PPM and ITSM tools supported by Tasktop, enabling unprecedented visibility across the entire lifecycle – and doing so without resorting to very brittle and unreliable point-to-point integrations that make scaling DevOps deployments difficult or impossible. 

Tasktop’s Global 2000 customers are using Agile, Lean and DevOps principles to transform the way they develop and deliver applications -- and full lifecycle integration has been critical to the success of these transformations. With this new level of integration, stakeholders can see the work progressing from idea to deployment, receive advance warning when critical projects are headed off-track; and remove bottlenecks that create impediments in the software delivery process.

“These enhancements will provide greater visibility into our delivery value stream by giving us access to data across our entire lifecycle,” said a Fortune 100 Tasktop customer. “This information will drive faster delivery capabilities, which are foundational to any DevOps initiative.”

“Proliferating solutions in the multivendor CD tool chain have created a problem: At each link in the tool chain, information can be lost if the tool integrations are poor … This has created opportunities for third parties such as the Eclipse Mylyn open source project and its commercial sibling Tasktop to fill the information integration gap. As the CD tool chain grows, tools will proliferate and the integration problem will get harder, not easier…” [Forrester, TechRadar™: Continuous Software Delivery, Q2 2015, Kurt Bittner and Diego Lo Giudice, May 1, 2015]

Interested parties can register for a free webinar on how they can support full-lifecycle DevOps initiatives with Tasktop’s new offerings by registering here. They can also learn more about these important developments by reading topical blog posts here and here.

The latest versions of both Tasktop solutions are available immediately.

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