Tasktop Introduces Tasktop Sync Connector for CA Clarity PPM™ at CA World

New connector connects business and development disciplines

CA WORLD, LAS VEGAS, NV, April 21, 2013, Tasktop Technologies, the industry leader for ALM integration, today announced Tasktop Sync Connector for CA Clarity PPM at the CA World 2013 conference. The new connector extends Tasktop integration capabilities to CA Technologies portfolio and project management product, CA Clarity™ PPM, to connect portfolio and project management disciplines to software development. The integration of CA Clarity PPM with the software delivery tool chain will help IT organizations synchronize business priorities with development activities and progress. The result is reduced project completion times by ensuring efforts are allocated to the highest priority activities, elimination of costly and error-prone manual processes, and comprehensive cross-discipline reporting that will facilitate better collaboration between the PMO and development teams.

“The adoption of Lean approaches to software delivery has dramatically increased the iteration speed of software projects and introduced a new set of developer-centric task management tools,” said Mik Kersten, co-founder and CEO of Tasktop. “To ensure that software delivery is connected to strategy, it is key to integrate the tools used by the PMO to those used for software development. Tasktop Sync Connector for CA Clarity PPM provides real-time integration between these two tool chains, ensuring the software delivery process meets business goals and objectives, and becomes the basis for competitive advantage.”

Tasktop Sync provides real-time, bi-directional and fully automated synchronization between ALM tools. It is already included with CA Clarity Agile and CA Clarity Requirements. With the new Tasktop Sync Connector for CA Clarity PPM, organizations have the ability to extend the overall Clarity integration capabilities to connect CA Clarity PPM with third-party tools used throughout the software lifecycle. The technology will help development organizations become better connected with business activities that were previously separated by process, tooling and culture gaps. Business stakeholders will benefit by having a more meaningful role in the development process due to improved visibility and timely status updates.

Tasktop Sync Connector for CA Clarity PPM provides the following:
• Progress and status reporting – closes the loop on status reporting, with CA Clarity PPM being able to report on work items that are being updated in other tools.
• Visibility – provides automated cross-function visibility and traceability between CA Clarity PPM and software development work items throughout the lifecycle.
• Control– ensures that development efforts are in sync with business objectives and that status changes are recognized and managed in the appropriate tool.
• Productivity – removes the manual steps that connect the PMO to development by providing automated integration between disparate groups.

Tasktop Sync Connector for CA Clarity PPM will be available on May 10th and demos of the technology are available at Tasktop booth #253 at CA World 2013. This first release will include support for connecting CA Clarity PPM to IBM Rational Team Concert, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Atlassian JIRA, HP Quality Center and HP ALM.

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About Tasktop Technologies
Tasktop Technologies is the industry leader for ALM integration. It invented the task-focused interface and created the Eclipse Mylyn project, which transformed the IDE into a developer productivity and ALM collaboration platform. Building on Mylyn, Tasktop unifies the ALM landscape through ALM partnerships that connect leading Agile, enterprise ALM and open source tools. Commercially, Tasktop Sync provides real-time bidirectional and fully automated synchronization between ALM servers, and Tasktop Dev is the developer-centric ALM interface for the Eclipse and Visual Studio IDEs. Tasktop recently launched the Software Lifecycle Integration (SLI) initiative to connect the entire software delivery lifecycle, consisting of a new technical architecture and data model, repeatable design patterns and a new open source project called Eclipse Mylyn m4. For more information about Tasktop and SLI please visit: http://tasktop.com

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