Tasktop Introduces New Model-Based Integration Features to Value Stream Management Platform

New Affinity Modeling in Tasktop Hub enables bulk field mapping for multiple artifact types; introduces support for TestRail and the Jira Portfolio plug-in

VANCOUVER, BC., Oct 19, 2021 - Tasktop, the leading value stream management provider, today announced Affinity Modeling for model-based integration in Tasktop Hub, helping Agile and DevOps software delivery teams reduce time to market and develop software faster. The new Hub features also include support for TestRail, Tasktop’s latest connector, and the Jira Portfolio plug-in.

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Tasktop helps to improve the flow of value to customers while managing and monitoring the software delivery life cycle from end to end. Tasktop Hub connects 60+ tools used in the software delivery process, from ideation to delivery, like Jira Software, ServiceNow® and Azure DevOps.

“At Tasktop, our core focus is how to help our customers shorten time to market and improve the success of their digital transformations. The newest release of Tasktop Hub further helps organizations modernize their tech stack and infrastructure in support for better flow, by easily integrating best-of-breed toolchains at scale,” said Nicole Bryan, Chief Product Officer at Tasktop.

"Having Tasktop as an integration partner furthers our ability to deliver a richly connected digital thread across best-of-breed solutions for complex product development success,” said Josh Turpen, CPO at Jama Software. “Our customers have sophisticated integration requirements. Affinity Modeling from Tasktop provides faster setup for these integrations and an improved customer experience. Additionally, we are also excited about Tasktop’s support for TestRail. Many of our customers use Jama Connect with TestRail and we’re now delivering this as part of our comprehensive best-of-breed integration strategy with Tasktop.”

Affinity Modeling in Tasktop Hub

With Affinity Modeling, Tasktop simplifies integration setup and maintenance by combining multiple projects and similar artifact types in one configuration. This is especially beneficial for users of popular tools that make heavy use of artifact subtypes such as requirements and tickets.

“Standard integration solutions are point-to-point, which means they require laborious field mapping for each and every artifact type within each and every project pair. The cost to large organizations is hundreds or thousands of hours of error-prone configuration work and lots of overhead to maintain those mappings over time,” said Naomi Lurie, vice president, Product Marketing at Tasktop. “That’s a problem we have solved with model-based integration. Affinity Modeling takes those savings to the next level, for organizations dealing with artifact types that share a set of common fields. Users can configure field mapping just once for all these affinity artifacts, across any number of projects.”

“Any inevitable modification to field mapping necessary due to field changes, value changes or workflow updates can easily be configured just once on the model and applied to all the artifact types,” added Lurie.

Tasktop Hub Support for TestRail and Jira Portfolio

TestRail, by Gurock, is a test case management solution for QA and development teams to efficiently manage test cases, plans, and runs. In response to customer demand, Tasktop Hub now includes TestRail as the latest addition to the company’s 60+ connectors of best-of-breed Agile and DevOps tools. Seamlessly integrating TestRail with Jama and the rest of the toolchain improves alignment between test engineers and product managers, ensuring adequate coverage is provided; improves visibility, traceability and collaboration; and eliminates error-prone and time-consuming duplicate data entry.

For teams using the Jira Portfolio plug-in for on-prem Jira, Tasktop also now supports the Team field. In addition, Epics can now be linked to extended artifact hierarchies such as themes, initiatives and portfolios.

Earlier this year, Tasktop announced $100 million in strategic investment. Customers including BMW, CGI, E*Trade and T-Mobile rely on Tasktop to enable successful digital transformations. Designed to help organizations identify and remove bottlenecks, eliminate waste and accelerate delivery, Tasktop allows large, traditional companies to deliver software with the speed and scale of digital natives. A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting revealed that organizations using Tasktop Viz, also part of the Tasktop VSM platform, see an average return on investment (ROI) of 640% over a three-year period, with the platform paying for itself in less than three months.