Tasktop and Its Founder & CEO Dr. Mik Kersten Announce New Podcast: Mik + One

Tasktop and Its Founder & CEO Dr. Mik Kersten Announce New Podcast: Mik + One

First Season Guests Include Gene Kim, Carlota Perez, Dominica DeGrandis, Jon Smart, Dave West, More

VANCOUVER, BC, Feb. 4, 2020 -- Tasktop, the leader in value stream integration and visualization, today announced the launch of a new podcast, Mik + One, created by Tasktop’s founder and CEO Dr. Mik Kersten, author of the best-selling book Project to Product: How to Survive and Thrive in the Age of Digital Disruption with the Flow Framework.

Since the publication of Project to Product in November 2018, Kersten has become an industry thought leader on helping enterprise organizations transition from project-managed to product-oriented software innovation. His book introduces the Flow Framework™ as a new way of building an infrastructure for innovation, to change the way enterprises approach software delivery. Based on his work with Fortune 100 enterprises, he provides a new approach to help organizations better understand the human and system dynamics that underpin their IT infrastructure.

With new episodes released every two weeks, Kersten will be joined by industry leaders and innovators to discuss how they deliver value and help navigate their organizations through digital disruption with data-driven continuous improvement. First season guests include Gene Kim, Carlota Perez, Dominica DeGrandis, Jon Smart, Dave West and more.

Key highlights from recently released Episode One of the podcast series featuring Gene Kim, author of best-selling books, The Phoenix Project and The Unicorn Project, includes a deep-dive into Kim’s journey and how it led to The Unicorn Project, as well as the motivation and origins behind the Five Ideals.

According to Kersten, “Since publishing Project to Product in November 2018, it has been amazing to witness the impact that the book is having. The past year has been an incredible one for me, as I’ve had the opportunity to engage with people who are working so hard at bringing their organizations into the future. To write the book, I drew on people who have inspired me most in my career, and in particular those who fundamentally changed the way I think about software delivery, organizational structures and technology. I am starting this podcast to share those same inspirations with others on the journey.”

Interested parties can read more about the inception of Mik + One here and sign up to receive updates about the podcast, blogs and speaking engagements here.

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