Tasktop Experts Present "Can a Lean Startup and Grizzled Veterans Live Happily Together" at Lean Startup Conference 2013 San Francisco

Friday, December 6, 2013

Attendees will learn how to adapt and collaborate with new employees who have a completely different paradigm when joining a startup

Who: Neelan Choksi
President and COO
Tasktop Technologies

Choksi is the president and COO of Tasktop – the industry leader for ALM integration – where he manages sales, marketing and business development for a company whose mission is to “connect the world of software delivery.” Choksi has helped start and build numerous technology companies and supports the Capital Factory, an Austin-based incubator. He also serves on the board of trustees at TechGirlz, a non-profit focused on dedicated to bringing more girls to technology.

Nicole Bryan
Vice President of Product Management
Tasktop Technologies

Bryan is the vice president of product management at Tasktop. She has more than 17 years of experience in software and product development, focused primarily on bringing data visualization/infographics and human factors considerations to the forefront of Application Lifecycle Management.

What: Can Lean Startup Advocates and Grizzled Veterans Work Together?

Hiring “grizzled veterans” brings strength and experience to a startup, but it can also create a chasm between team members, especially if the veterans are not familiar with Lean Startup principles. This talk will concentrate on the importance of putting in a foundation to allow collaboration and then strategies of how to adapt and collaborate with new employees who have a completely different paradigm when joining a lean startup. Choksi and Bryan will share their collective experience and take attendees on their journey of adapting with various team members, the conflicts they faced and the steps they used to help themselves and the companies they worked for come together and succeed.

When: Tuesday, Dec. 10, 2013, 5 p.m. – 5:20 p.m. PST

Where: Fairmont Hotel
Pavilion Room
950 Mason St.
San Francisco, CA 94108


Media Contact:
Joyce Bartlett
+1 781-771-3112