Tasktop Enhances Tasktop Viz™ with New Data Analytics and Automation Features

Bridging the optimization gap between software teams and business leadership with real-time visibility and data analytics across end-to-end value streams

VANCOUVER, BC., December 9, 2020 – Tasktop, the value stream management company creating the universal integration and visualization standard for value stream management, today announced significant enhancements for Tasktop Viz™, the company’s solution for connecting software delivery to business outcomes. This new set of data analytics features provide instant results through real-time, data-driven metrics, as well as on-demand expert advice for anyone within a large organization to make informed decisions and deliver desired business outcomes.

“Tasktop customers are benefiting from our 14 years of expertise in aligning software development and business through innovation,” said Nicole Bryan, Chief Product Officer at Tasktop. “We are dedicated to delivering the best-in-class solution for helping traditional companies deliver software with the speed and efficiency of digital natives, providing value to their customers even as tools and workflows evolve. Tasktop Viz was specifically designed to give our customers actionable visibility into complex workflows with minimal effort, and these new features further strengthen our offering.”

What’s new in Tasktop Viz:

  • Leading Indicator Analytics: This feature displays directly on the platform’s dashboard, alerting business leaders to problems impacting the speed and productivity of the company’s value streams. There are three key areas that are tracked:
  • Neglected Work in Progress (WIP) helps preserve customer’s trust by alerting business leaders when only a small fraction of committed work is progressing to completion
  • Predicted Flow Time Increase alerts and informs business leaders’ work intake strategy in cases when time-to-market is predicted to increase
  • Months to Complete WIP accurately projects how long existing commitments will take to complete and discourages leaders from extending beyond the value stream’s current capacity 
  • Embedded Flow Advisory: Dashboards now include on-demand tutorials and access to advisory from top-notch VSM experts. The embedded flow advisory allows value streams to take action based on the data and remove constraints impeding business value delivery. 
  • Smart Model Application: This new automation feature utilizes real-time pattern matching to instantly map hundreds of native artifact statuses to the standardized value stream Flow States that feed into Flow Metrics.
  • Product Portfolio Structures: Similar to planning and reporting tools, this new feature reflects the way portfolios and organizations are structured, so business leaders can view products within their context, navigate to them logically and group them for easy executive visibility.

“Enterprise agility can be hard to achieve: old habits die hard, even under the glossy new surface of agile operating procedures and cadences, but that can be hard to see and catch,” says Tasktop CEO Dr. Mik Kersten. “Tasktop Viz holds up a mirror to product value streams, making it possible to observe and measure the mechanics for delivering a product to market.”

Tasktop Viz launched in March 2020 to enable traditional businesses to transform into high-performing tech companies by instantly providing an outside lens for accelerating software delivery.

For more information about Tasktop Viz, visit www.tasktop.com/viz.

About Tasktop:

Tasktop’s value stream management platform enables enterprises to master software at scale. Leading brands, including half of the Fortune 100, use Tasktop to provide real-time visibility into the health of product value streams, allowing them to make better decisions and align with business goals. Tasktop plugs into existing tools and overlays the end-to-end value stream to provide the abstractions, automations, visualizations and forensics needed to practice value stream management on a daily basis.

For more information, visit us https://www.tasktop.com/.


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