Tasktop Announces More Than 23,000 Copies of Dr. Mik Kersten’s Best-Selling Project to Product Book Sold in First Year

Tasktop Announces More Than 23,000 Copies of Dr. Mik Kersten’s Best-Selling Project to Product Book Sold in First Year

Founder & CEO’s Book Defines the Roadmap for Digital Transformation

VANCOUVER, BC, Nov. 20, 2019 --Tasktop, the leader in Value Stream Integration and Management, today provided first year sales figures forProject to Product: How to Survive and Thrive in the Age of Digital Disruption with the Flow Framework, the best-selling book by Tasktop Founder & CEO Dr. Mik Kersten.

Kersten has become the global authority on helping enterprise organizations transition from project management to product-oriented software innovation. His book introduces theFlow Framework™ as a new way of building an infrastructure for innovation to change the way enterprises approach software delivery. Based on his work with Fortune 100 enterprises, he provides a new managerial approach to help organizations better understand the human and system dynamics that underpin their IT infrastructure.

The book has sold 23,000 copies in the past year and remains on Amazon’s Top 10 Information Management bestseller list.

Kersten, along with other employees of Tasktop, have delivered presentations about concepts in Project to Product at more than 56 events worldwide within the past year. All author proceeds from the book go to supporting non-profit programs focused on diversity, women and minorities in technology.

Reflecting on the past year, Kersten said, “I have been amazed by the reception of Project to Product. Working with IT Revolution Press, we set a goal of ten thousand lifetime copies of the book, and more than doubled that in the first year. This speaks to the urgency and the need for enterprise organizations to get their digital transformations on track and become software innovators before it is too late. I am thrilled that my experience in the trenches and the Flow Framework are arming so many technology leaders with new tools to fight and win on the battleground of digital disruption.”

Anna Noak, editorial director, Publishing at IT Revolution Press, LLC added, “IT Revolution acquired Project to Product because it is a game changing book and, as a publisher who strives to get cutting edge content to our readers, we knew that this book would become a must-read for those who are on the front lines of the Digital Revolution. We are incredibly proud to have this book in our list and are pleased to be a part of getting it into the hands of readers.”

More information about upcoming presentations can be viewed here, as well as how to request Dr. Kersten keynote at a conference or internal corporate event here. To download an excerpt from Project to Product, click here.

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