Tasktop Announces Automation and Value Stream Integration Solution For Intland Software’s codeBeamer ALM

Tasktop Announces Automation and Value Stream Integration Solution For Intland Software’s codeBeamer ALM

Tasktop Integration Hub Automates Connections with More than 50 Applications that Govern Other Parts of Value Stream

VANCOUVER, BC, Nov. 14, 2017Tasktop, the leader in Value Stream Integration, today announced its support for codeBeamer ALM, Intland Software's application lifecycle management (ALM) platform for complex and safety-critical product development.

With this new integration, organizations can automate the connections between codeBeamer and more than 50 applications that govern other parts of their value stream. This dramatically extends the list of integrations offered by the award-winning codeBeamer ALM.

The Tasktop Integration Hub is used to automate integrations for the entire software development and DevOps toolchain, enabling the flow of work, information and processes across the value stream. For example, using the Tasktop Integration Hub, critical information can now flow instantly between codeBeamer and JIRA, IBM tools, ServiceNow®, Micro Focus, CA and dozens more. Tasktop users can now include codeBeamer ALM in their connected value stream networks to establish traceability across tools and support analytics and reporting initiatives.

codeBeamer ALM is an all-around ALM platform for traditional and safety-critical product developers with features covering the entire lifecycle. Seamless end-to-end traceability and powerful features help ensure process maturity throughout the process of requirements management; variants management; software development; risk management; quality assurance and testing; and DevOps. The platform is widely used by enterprises that wish to reduce software development and compliance time and costs while enhancing product quality.

To support companies operating in a multi-tier development environment of multiple suppliers and engineering departments, this latest integration connects the various disciplines and processes involved in the development of embedded or standalone software products. Typical use cases include requirements traceability and requirements–development alignment, bringing value to the entire business via connecting project managers and business analysts with testing and development teams. codeBeamer ALM helps safety-critical users achieve continuous compliance by automating process visibility and simplifying lifecycle-wide reporting.

“This integration with Tasktop further bolsters codeBeamer ALM’s robust capabilities to unite all development streams,” said Janos Koppany, CEO of Intland Software. “We see a strong use case with automotive developers that need an integrated platform to manage their end-to-end development and compliance processes. Tasktop helps solidify codeBeamer's position as the leading application lifecycle management tool at the confluence of these value streams.”

In multi-layered developments, automotive developers are struggling to maintain point-to-point integrations of highly specialized development tool stacks. This integration enables unparalleled collaboration, and helps harmonize a mixed tool ecosystem under an overarching feature set that covers the entire product lifecycle.

“As safety-critical physical products become more software-driven we are seeing an increasing need for the specialized ALM capabilities provided by codeBeamer,” said Neelan Choksi, president and COO at Tasktop. “The highest performing development organizations are also adopting DevOps practices that require a high degree of collaboration across disciplines and depend on automation provided by Tasktop. This collaboration with codeBeamer is a natural fit and we are excited to bring the combined solution to our customers.”

The Tasktop integration for codeBeamer ALM is available immediately. Register for an upcoming Tasktop Intland webinar: How to Optimize Supply Chain Collaboration--The Road to a Unified Automotive Value Stream.

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