Tasktop Again Named Leader in Value Stream Management

Third Global Research Firm Positions Tasktop Viz as a Leader in Value Stream Management

VANCOUVER, BC, Oct. 5, 2020—Tasktop, provider of the leading value stream management platform, today announced that GigaOm Research has positioned it as a leader in its GigaOm Radar for Value Stream Management v1.0.

Tasktop’s Radar rankings included the highest scores possible for value-based measurement, value stream portfolios, decision dashboards and flexibility/usability among others, as well as overall ROI/TCO. Only two companies—Tasktop and IBM—occupy the Leader’s circle.

Tasktop’s use of real-time dashboard/roll-ups that show Flow Metrics and business results for each product portfolio, measuring end-to-end flow and identifying where work is slowing down, is highlighted in the company’s profile.

According to Jon Collins, analyst with GigaOm and author of the report, “The tool can map people to value streams, enabling decision makers to improve flow velocity and time to market, and it offers a comparative view of value streams, which is useful for prioritizing and rebalancing investments.”

Software delivery has long been riddled with too many metrics and not enough results that tie back to the business. By focusing on five simple and understandable Flow Metrics in its VSM platform, Tasktop provides business and technical leaders a common vocabulary and a scorecard by which to measure the effectiveness of their software delivery. Tasktop’s value stream management platform sits above the entire software delivery toolchain, integrating all the underlying tools, objectively measuring flow and identifying the biggest bottlenecks in the delivery value stream. This view of the way an organization delivers value via its software allows the organization to implement changes to reduce or eliminate those bottlenecks, improving the efficiency and speed of its software delivery.

“Being named the leader in GigaOm’s VSM Radar Report, coming on the heels of the recognition of our leadership position in both the Forrester Wave for VSM and Research in Action’s Vendor Matrix, validates what our customers already know: Tasktop’s value stream analytics provide immediate and quantifiable improvements to the process of delivering software from ideation through delivery,” said Neelan Choksi, president and COO of Tasktop. “Business and IT leaders can make better decisions based on accurate, up-to-date metrics while having the flexibility to create a best-of-breed toolchain with seamless workflows that maximize efficiency.”

Tasktop has enabled numerous traditional enterprises across sectors such as telecom, healthcare, automotive and finance to deliver great customer experience through smart and efficient software delivery.

The full GigaOm Radar for Value Stream Management report can be obtained here.

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Tasktop’s value stream management platform enables enterprises to master software at scale. Leading brands, including many of the Fortune 100, use Tasktop to provide real-time visibility into the health of product value streams, allowing them to make better decisions and align with business goals. Tasktop plugs into existing tools and overlays the end-to-end value stream to provide the abstractions, automations, visualizations and forensics needed to practice value stream management on a daily basis.


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