Leading Premium Manufacturer of Automobiles and Motorcycles Leverages Tasktop Sync to Streamline Software Delivery

VANCOUVER, BC, Feb. 2, 2016Tasktop, the leader in Software Lifecycle Integration (SLI) and creator of the Eclipse Mylyn open source tool, today announced that BMW Group has licensed and implemented Tasktop Sync to integrate the company’s central HPE Quality Center (QC) installation with the defect management tools of its suppliers.

Tasktop Sync is an Agile, Lean SDLC and DevOps integration infrastructure layer that provides fully automated, real-time synchronization among the artifacts created and managed within disparate tools used in software development and delivery organizations. Sync works in the background, keeping the flow of information among the practitioners and their tools constant.

Tasktop Sync connects BMW Group’s central HPE QC instance with the disparate defect management systems used by its software supply chain. This allows BMW Group to fully automate reporting across organizational boundaries and gain visibility and insight into which issues have been corrected and are ready for retest. This real-time collaboration between BMW Group and its suppliers allows the BMW Group testing team to quickly test the fixes either through advanced simulations or on the test track, speeding product delivery.

“Software is becoming the key differentiator and investment across industries,” stated Tasktop CEO Mik Kersten, “and we are thrilled to provide some of the infrastructure tools needed to achieve that. It has been a true pleasure to work with BMW Group.”

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