Appfire and Tasktop Partner to Drive Atlassian JIRA Integration and Visibility Across the Enterprise

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Vancouver, BC, & San Francisco, Calif., - September 9, 2014 - Appfire ( and Tasktop Technologies ( today announced they are now working together to help organizations achieve the benefits of enterprise-class DevOps integration.

The new partnership brings together Appfire’s expertise in Atlassian JIRA, and Tasktop’s DevOps integration platform, Tasktop Sync, to help streamline integrations of JIRA with software lifecycle tools from IBM, CA, HP, and Microsoft.

“This alliance aims to redefine the way the enterprise traditionally views integrations and leverages the capabilities of unified platforms,” said Appfire co-founder and CEO Randall Ward. “Our goal is to put an end to the ‘Throwaway Platform’ era.”

The companies’ combined approach includes:

    • Using Tasktop Sync to provide an enterprise-grade integration bus to synchronize JIRA with products such as HP Quality Center & ALM, IBM Rational Team Concert, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, ServiceNow and others.
    • Joint marketing, sales, and consulting efforts to create a single product and services framework, for customer engagements  worldwide.
    • A new Appfire Center of Excellence (“CoE”) offering clients a broad range of JIRA-based integrations.
    • New Appfire services to educate the enterprise on the benefits of JIRA-based integrations using Tasktop.
    • New Appfire service packages that support Atlassian’s 250+ worldwide Expert Partners with their clients’ integration needs. 


"Tasktop and Atlassian have an eight year history forged in bridging the gap between coding and issue tracking," said Mik Kersten, CEO of Tasktop. "Where that helped provide IDE access to JIRA for millions of professional developers, our latest efforts with Appfire are making it possible for the world's largest organizations to delight their developers with JIRA while getting all the benefits of a fully connected software lifecycle via the Tasktop Sync DevOps integration bus."

“We’re incredibly excited to team up with Tasktop, a remarkable company whose innovations have profoundly impacted the value and importance of DevOps integration,” said Ward. “The alliance is quite special because it fuses two Atlassian partners that share similar backgrounds, a common customer focus, and a relentless commitment to ensuring that companies gain productivity through meaningful integrations.”

Appfire and Tasktop share a unified vision for the partnership: to deliver substantial productivity gains through the introduction of enterprise-grade DevOps integration.“There is still a lot of misinformation out there surrounding integration solutions. New systems can be introduced while generating more value from existing enterprise investments,” said Ward. “By working together, we’re helping platform stakeholders understand that connecting specialized systems is often preferable to ripping and replacing valuable assets.” “Appfire and Tasktop joining forces is a peanut butter-jelly combo,” said Jay Simons, president of Atlassian. “Both companies are great Atlassian partners and share our mission of helping teams reach their full potential.”

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