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Get real-time visibility into how you’re delivering software and know where you can improve

Make data-driven investment decisions

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Make data-driven investment decisions

Use data to make smarter decisions about where to invest and where to cut. With a window into the entire value stream, you can see exactly where different investment strategies will make a difference. With Tasktop Viz you can:

  • Find system bottlenecks by analyzing data from ideation to production, know precisely where more resources will make a difference.
  • Show reports the business can understand and facilitate more productive conversations.
  • Connect software development work to business results, and show the ROI of transformation decisions.
  • See where you might need to make tradeoffs, easily show that if feature velocity is slowing down and defect distribution is going up, and there’s no debt work being done, you’re headed for a product death spiral.

Step outside of silos. Get the visibility you’ve always wanted.

  • Tasktop Viz constructs Flow Metrics dashboards from the combined work of all value stream contributors, including product managers, architects, UX designers, developers, testers, release managers, support teams and operations.
  • Avoid local optimizations and facilitate systems-thinking by analyzing data from ideation to production.
  • Allow teams to work in their tool of choice, without losing visibility into the end-to-end process.
  • Get cross-team visibility today, avoid wasting 12-18 months waiting for in-house data solutions to be set up.

integrate jira and others

“One of the learnings is we have a black hole where contractors do work. Showed up clearly in the Tasktop Viz data.”

VP, IT Development, Telecommunications

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Insights and visibility across all product value streams - in a single view

Portfolio Insights provides actionable insights about each of your products.

Get products in customer hands faster

value stream management flow efficiency

Get products in customer hands faster

Finding waste in your process is worth the effort, improving Flow Efficiency by just 1 percentage point can improve time-to-market by 10%. Tasktop Viz calculates the efficiency of the entire product value stream - not a single team - to show you:

  • The impact of dependencies
  • Which roles and teams are overloaded
  • Where current tool implementations are hiding wait times

“Getting visibility into our Flow Distribution motivated us to take action, and we reduced the time we spent on incidents and defects from 60% to 20%”

- Manager of Enterprise Applications, Healthcare Provider

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Flow Metrics to live by.

Tasktop Viz dashboards create a common language for tech and business leaders around the flow of business value through your product value streams.

flow metrics

“Having Tasktop Viz translates to more on-time deliveries for customers, more milestones achieved, less cost because we are wasting less time, and higher quality because we are eliminating places that made our engineering team cut corners.”

CIO, Transportation Industry

Forrester Consulting study: Forrester TEI Report


Flow Metrics

Leverage a single set of actionable metrics that can be understood by technology and business leaders. Get rid of the complexity that stems from too many metrics that no one understands.

Portfolio Insights

Get a roll-up view of individual product value streams, providing insights into their performance, quality, value and impact. See which products are capable of rapid market response and which product teams need more help and attention.

Turnkey Dashboards

Tasktop Viz plugs into your existing toolchain and allows you to create baseline metrics within days. Where data lakes and DIY solutions can take 12-18 months to set up, with Tasktop Viz you can build your dashboards in a few easy clicks.

Business Orientation

Start speaking the language of the business, and get rid of confusing metrics like t-shirt sizes, story points and burndown charts. Tasktop Viz focuses on the types of work people will ‘pay for’ - features, defects, risks and debt, and combines them with business results - value, cost, quality and happiness.

Bottleneck Analysis

By analyzing data from ideation to production, Tasktop Viz finds your system bottlenecks. Users can investigate and probe bottlenecks by drilling down on individual artifacts contributing to or being impacted by the constraint.

Context-Sensitive Analytics

Flow Metrics and business results timelines can be decorated with meaningful business events such as changes to headcount, process, workflow, mergers and acquisitions, strategy pivots and more.


Tasktop Viz creates a live value stream visualization of your software portfolio so you can replace one-off value stream mapping activities with continuous Flow Metrics auto-generated directly from the tools themselves.


Large scale software delivery is complex, making it hard to align data with product lines. Tasktop Viz uses modeling to untangle that web and carve out the relevant data subset from each tool and abstract it into clear, crisp and consistent Flow Metrics.


Establish governance over what to measure and how to measure it, provide a clear unified approach to improving quality and velocity, and govern IT’s shift from a project operating model to a product orientation.

Start Making Better Decisions in Days

Tasktop Viz reduces the time to scalable, end-to-end metrics from years to days.

Point-and-click modeling for business users.

Forget about ETL and data lake dependencies; custom coding; data manipulation; and long lead times. Tasktop’s one-of-a-kind modeling can be completed in minutes - and poof, you’re done! That’s when we take over to instantly align, reconcile, and abstract multi-source data into actionable measurements of flow.

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Scalable, reliable and extendable

Tasktop’s field-proven connectors to dozens of the most common software delivery tools isolate your metrics from toolchain changes and version upgrades. These high performance, low impact connectors are designed to efficiently capture the data without jeopardizing the operational stability of mission-critical tools like Jira, Azure DevOps and ServiceNow®.

Built for the realities of Enterprise IT

Tasktop Viz is a cloud-based solution that hooks into your systems as they are today and accommodates the variability between teams and locations. Viz does not require any premature changes to tools, process, workflows or organizational structure.

Drive 640% ROI with Tasktop Viz

Through interviews and data aggregation, Forrester Research concluded that Tasktop Viz has an impressive impact:

Forrester Consulting study: Forrester TEI Report

Forrester TEI VSM Tasktop Results

Forrester Wave vsm report

Tasktop named a leader in The Forrester Wave™: Value Stream Management, Q3, 2020 report

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