Tasktop Viz®

Data Visualization Tool to Measure Software Development Productivity

Begin the shift from project to product with business-aligned visibility

business-aligned visibilitybusiness-aligned visibility

Tasktop Viz helps technology and transformation leaders overcome:

  • Long lead times that impact financial performance and customer experience
  • Unpredictable delivery that leads to wasted efforts
  • Inefficient end-to-end delivery processes
  • Disappointing transformation outcomes and ROI
  • Innovation stifled by tech debt and poorly understood dependencies
  • Lack of alignment with business domains

Do you truly know the cause or cost of missed commitments?

According to McKinsey, resourcing issues and siloed ways of working are the biggest killers of digital momentum and the top reasons for stalled transformations. But the visibility required to identify where resources are needed and which silos must be bridged simply eludes most large-scale enterprises. As a result, it’s difficult to confidently make decisions or prove the impact you’re having on tangible business outcomes.

Tasktop Viz helps track the impact of digital output on business performance and customer experience by providing metrics that align the technology organization with the way the board sees the business. Actionable AI-driven insights reveal your bottlenecks, illuminate dependencies and inform where and how to invest next in order to improve speed, quality and innovation.

Get Visibility and Alignment

Visibility and AlignmentVisibility and Alignment

Get Visibility and Alignment

Connect tech and the business with a single, simple set of metrics for your entire IT portfolio. Measure all the steps from idea to outcome to support smarter decisions and clarify tradeoffs.

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Measure Value Delivery

Leverage leading indicators to communicate the impact of your transformation to the board. Visualize improvements to flow alongside KPIs and OKRs.

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Measure Value Delivery

Measure Value DeliveryMeasure Value Delivery

Proactively Address Bottlenecks

address bottlenecks quicklyaddress bottlenecks quickly

Proactively Address Bottlenecks

Help your teams remove the impediments to faster delivery by finding out precisely where and why work is getting stuck. Get proactive alerts when bottlenecks are emerging, waste is climbing, or quality is deteriorating.

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Base Planning on Actual Resource Capacity

See exactly when product teams will have the capacity for new work and make commitments accordingly. Learn to optimize workloads to improve predictability.

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Base Planning on Actual Resource Capacity

Visibility and AlignmentVisibility and Alignment

Manage the Product Life Cycle with Data

Data ManagementData Management

Manage the Product Life Cycle with Data

Secure your company’s future by making all work profiles visible and investing appropriately in quality, tech debt, security and compliance at each life cycle stage.

Connect Tech Debt Reduction to Business Results


Faster time-to-market from value stream insights

Fortune 100 Financial Services Leader


Savings per month from cross-portfolio insights

Global 500 Travel Company


Improve business agility

  • Shorten time-to-market
  • Increase throughput
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Increase efficiency

  • Unlock capacity in existing resources
  • Lower the cost of quality
  • Reduce talent attrition

Secure the future

  • Prevent disruption
  • Lower risk exposure
  • Accelerate release frequency and speed

Measure Business Value with Viz

“Tasktop is the way that we shifted our thinking away from proxy metrics to more predictive and genuinely product-based flow of business and customer value ..."

— Pieter Jordaan, CTO, TUI Group

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Measure Business Value with Viz

Create a culture of excellence and continuous improvement

Continuous ImprovementContinuous Improvement

Create a culture of excellence and continuous improvement

Transformation is never easy, nor is changing culture.

Tasktop is there with you every step of the way with a team of award-winning authors, thought leaders and industry experts who’ve walked in your shoes.

Our turnkey products are fast to deploy and accompanied by personalized coaching that leads to self-sufficiency, a thriving peer community, as well as training and certification programs for every role.

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