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Transform cross-tool software delivery data. Gain business-critical insights.

In today’s large and complex organizations, you need real-time cross-tool reporting. But getting a stable, real-time and normalized data feed is hard.

Too much time and effort is needed to get good reports into the hands of those who need them. The backlog of reporting requests keeps growing, and the wait times for them are getting longer.

Tools are being replicated wholesale into data lakes, inclusive of data no one needs. You’re spending millions to extract and store mounds of unnecessary data.

Slash data storage costs.

Your organization doesn’t need to blindly replicate data. Replicating only the subset of data you need can cut unnecessary storage costs tremendously.

Do you need Stories and Defects? Probably. What about Sub-tasks? Probably not. 100 fields? No, the key 15 fields should be enough.

Tasktop Hub significantly reduces data storage costs by streaming only the subset of data you need into your data lake. And it encodes your data with traceable links between related artifacts, helping you trace and measure requirements-to code-to test for compliance reporting.

Slash data storage costs.

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Standardize data streams.

starndardize data streamsstarndardize data streams

Standardize data streams.

Each of your tools has different APIs, database schemas, and ever-changing fields, values, and workflows. It’s almost as if each tool speaks a different language. The only way your reporting team can easily and quickly generate reports is if all the data is translated into a single language.

Enterprise Data Stream does precisely that: It translates the multi-source data on-the-fly, as it flows between tools and into your data lake, in a standardized format you can understand. Reporting teams can focus your expertise on designing the reports you want instead of trying to make sense of the data you have.

Rely on stable metrics.

Your reports shouldn’t break every time something changes in one of your tool endpoints.

Your data should always stay up-to-date, regardless of endpoint changes, version upgrades, or updates to fields and workflows.

Tasktop’s Flow Fabric maintains the operational stability of your tools, with support for tens of tool integrations.

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