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Improve efficiency, traceability and visibility into your software delivery process

Value stream integration

Teams do better when their tools talk to each other

integrated tools connected teamsintegrated tools connected teams

Teams do better when their tools talk to each other

Connect the tools used to do software delivery work, like Jira Software, ServiceNow®️, Azure DevOps and many other tools with Tasktop Hub, flowing work and data through every team. With near real-time, bi-directional synchronization of data across tools, as well as event-driven artifact updates from your CI/CD pipeline, Tasktop Hub allows teams to focus on productive work.

  • Eliminate hours of busy-work by removing the need for teams to update multiple tools.
  • Create efficient collaboration between teams using different tools and in distributed environments.
  • Eliminate errors, miscommunications and problems due to lost or mishandled requests.

Deliver high-quality, compliant software with automated traceability

If you’re in a regulated industry, like financial services, healthcare, or automotive, integration can offload many of the burdensome activities related to compliance, including establishing traceability between requirements and a verified implementation. Tasktop Hub replaces manual and error-prone traceability practices with built-in automated traceability that can:

  • Embed links to related artifacts upstream and downstream.
  • Trace requirements to architecture and code.
  • Trace test cases to requirements.

Learn the core principles of end-to-end traceability

Deliver high-quality, compliant software with automated traceability

software delivery traceability

Create a modular, flexible toolchain that meets the needs of all your teams

integrate existing tools

Create a modular, flexible toolchain that meets the needs of all your teams

Tasktop Hub allows you to easily plug in tools and replace them as your requirements change. Teams can use the tools that best suit their work, while automatically keeping teams using other tools in sync. Visibility across the software delivery process is maintained, while also ensuring individual teams have tools that will optimize their day to day work.

  • Use curated out-of-the-box models to isolate relationships between tools, and reuse them for multiple integrations.
  • Map tools to a central model, not each other, so half the setup remains when you switch out a tool.
  • Optimize data for reporting by aligning repository data to models in near real-time.

Learn more about Model-Based Integration

"We compared Tasktop Hub with several other potential integration solutions, including generic middleware products, specialist ALM tool integrators and a continuation of our DIY approach. Tasktop had the best functional fit and featured a wide breadth of connectors that could support our highly varied client ecosystems."

Graham Duerden

Director, Application Development Tools, CGI

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Plug and Play Tools We Support

Tasktop Hub plugs into your toolchain utilizing pre-built connectors to the most popular software delivery tools. See the full list of Integrations.


Fast Setup

Thanks to the Model-Based Integration at its heart, Tasktop Hub is 4x faster to set up and 10x easier to maintain than any other integration solution.

Automated Handoffs

Work smarter and boost productivity by bringing the work to the people. Eliminate duplicate data entry between tools and give your teams more time to focus on delivering business value.

No Code Customization

Scale velocity improvements to the entire organization without the overhead of expensive developer hours. Configure any workflow and highly nuanced behaviour, all through an intuitive graphical interface.

End-to-End Traceability

Establish automated traceability from requirements to verified implementation, removing manual and error-prone practices. Easily maintain compliance and scale traceability across large distributed teams.

Visual Workflows

See which tools are connected and what’s flowing between them with Landscape View. See exactly how many artifacts are being created and updated automatically.

Usage Metrics and Trends

Understand the volumes of data flowing per tool and per integration over time, to monitor adoption, onboarding and usage.

Scalable Integration

Eliminate the need to map fields and values of each project pair individually. We’ve curated the industry’s gold standard modelling for every type of artifact, so we can auto-model your data to archetypes of value and map varying semantics across tools.

Uptime Assurance

Unlock the information within your toolchain and keep it flowing no matter what. Tasktop insulates your organization from potential disruptions caused by version upgrades, tool migrations, API changes, security and compliance, and more.

Lock-In Avoidance

Fearlessly move between tools, adopt new frameworks and combine on-prem and cloud platforms. Tasktop provides interoperability between new and existing tools, creating a stable experience for IT professionals while you modernize.

Get integrations up and running quickly, and reduce on-going maintenance

Built on the Tasktop Platform, Hub is so easy to set up and maintain that, typically, a single admin is sufficient to cover a large scale implementation benefitting thousands of IT practitioners.

Manage complexity with model-based integration

Traditional integration solutions can result in thousands of project pairings, creating ridiculous complexity that slows down onboarding and makes maintenance a nightmare. Model-based integration combats the curse of point-to-point field mapping and saves you hundreds of hours of work. Learn more about Model-Based Integration

Trust your integrations will work, all the time

Built on the Flow Fabric™, Tasktop’s rigorously tested pre-built connectors work all the time. Our proactive testing regimen runs 500,000 tests daily over 300 tool versions to ensure they work properly, seamlessly handling tool upgrades and API changes, to minimize outages and delays.

See at a glance where work is flowing

Tasktop Hub includes visual landscape views of your integrations, and metrics that show how much is flowing per tool, per integration and per project. Easily understand trends and patterns in your organization and troubleshoot any errors.

Get integrations up and running quickly, and reduce on-going maintenance

model based integrationmodel based integration