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Avoid thousands of hours of lost productivity for your technology teams

increase productivityincrease productivity

Tasktop Hub improves efficiency and shortens resolution times by eliminating:

  • Duplicate data entry between Agile & DevOps tools
  • Manual traceability overhead for compliance
  • Rework due to poorly communicated changes
  • Escalations caused by human error and poor data fidelity
  • Importing and exporting information for clients, suppliers and contractors
  • Poor visibility into the progress of work

Do you know how much human capital is still wasted on manual work?

Technology organizations are under tremendous pressure to deliver more value with fixed capacity. Yet the work environment of your highest-paid employees is riddled with inefficiencies that are costing you millions of dollars of productivity and undermining customer experiences.

Tasktop Hub restores those hours of productivity to your teams so they can be reinvested in improving your products and services. Automatically synchronize data and updates between the tools that teams use for planning, engineering, testing and product support and effortlessly keep everyone on the same page. Roll out those automations rapidly and at scale to improve the speed and quality of your delivery and boost both customer and employee satisfaction.

Create more time for innovation and quality

Save up to three hours per person per week by synchronizing data and updates between tools. Let every role choose its specialized tool without sacrificing productivity, quality or collaboration.

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Create more time for innovation and quality

more time for innovationmore time for innovation

Accelerate development and end-to-end resolution times

accelerate resolution timeaccelerate resolution time

Accelerate development and end-to-end resolution times

Deliver value faster by eliminating the communication lags and misunderstandings that result from error-prone manual data entry. Implement intelligent cross-tool integrations to improve customer satisfaction and unify your teams.

Read HERE Technologies Case Study

Improve data integrity and transparency

Ensure everyone is on the same page and looking at the same set of accurate and up-to-date information. Cascade changes, updates, comments and attachments to all affected parties without missing a beat.

Improve data integrity and transparency

data integrity and transparencydata integrity and transparency

Simplify audits with automated traceability

automated traceabilityautomated traceability

Simplify audits with automated traceability

Make compliance easy. Automate traceability from requirements to code to test, thanks to cross-tool data synchronization with embedded cross-referenced links.

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days saved per year with Tasktop

CGI — Global 2000 IT & Business Consulting Services


faster handovers from requirements to development

Frequentis — Air Traffic Management and Public Safety Solutions


Improve efficiency

  • Unlock capacity in existing resources
  • Reduce context-switching
  • Improve employee engagement


Increase quality

  • Reduce rework
  • Eliminate human error
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Secure the future

  • Ease compliance and governance
  • Connect the distributed software supply chain
  • Improve data integrity

How to Achieve End to End Traceability in the Current World of Software Delivery

end-to-end traceability e-bookend-to-end traceability e-book

How to Achieve End to End Traceability in the Current World of Software Delivery

Manual traceability has held back large enterprises from becoming software innovators. Read this guide to learn more about automating traceability and how to execute the process.

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Reap the benefits quickly and at scale

Sophisticated integration can be easy, if done right.

Tasktop’s integration platform is 4x faster to set up and 90% easier to scale than any other solution, thanks to models. Model-based integration eliminates thousands of hours of toil necessary in traditional integration solutions. With Tasktop, your configurations are reusable and easily extendable to tens and hundreds of projects, without additional effort.

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Reap the benefits quickly and at scale

sophisticated integrationsophisticated integration

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