Micro Focus ALM to Jira Integration

Micro Focus ALM to Jira Integration

Micro Focus ALM to Jira IntegrationMicro Focus ALM to Jira Integration

One of the most common use cases in software delivery is how closely developers and testers need to work with one another. For this reason we have found that the connecting their agile planning tools and test management tools is a critical step in improving cross department collaboration. A popular pattern when it comes to connecting tools is the Micro Focus ALM to Jira integration. Arguably two of the most widely used tools in each of their respected disciplines, organizations would be hard pressed to try and have everyone use a single tool to manage their delivery. For those who have put value into allowing a ‘best of bread’ approach integrating the tools of choice is the most effective way to improve efficiencies across your value stream.

By integrating Jira with ALM, artifacts flow bi-directionally across both tools allowing for developers and testers to get all the information they need, without having to leave their tool of choice.

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