Jira Azure DevOps Server Integration

Tasktop's Jira Azure DevOps Server integration is an ideal way to flow information bi-directionally across these two agile tools. There are many reasons why companies would want to use both Jira and Azure DevOps Server (formerly Microsoft Team Foundation Server/TFS) rather than using one specific tool. For example, you may have a company that was aquired or merged with a different company. Each company may have had a preferred tool of choice. Rather than forcing the use of a single tool that may be foreign to some, risking time to adopt and employee satisfaction levels, integrating the tools would allow the new unified company to keep moving with minimal administrative disruptions.

Integrating Jira and Azure DevOps Server (TFS) allows agile teams to keep using the tools they are most comfortable with while ensuring information isn't lost, improving cross team collaboration and optimizing status update processed by reducing the need for email and status meetings. Stories and tasks created in Jira will automatically be created in Azure DevOps Server (TFS) and users of both tools can stay update on the progress of the initiaties impacting their work in progress.

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