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Integrate XebiaLabs XL Release Orchestration Tools with upstream repositories


Release information appears on a lot of artifact types. In some tools, the release artifact itself is a first class citizen; in others, the release is a field on a work item.


Typically, each tool’s admin has to create new release artifacts for each new release, which is highly inefficient and error-prone. Not to mention there is no traceability between the various work items associated with a specific release across tools.


Why Integrate XL Release?

By integrating XL Release with the rest of the software delivery toolchain, specifically the tools that house long-lived collaboration work items like features, stories, requirements, tests, defects, problems and incidents, it’s possible to designate one tool as the source or ‘master’ of the release artifact.


The tool designated as ‘master’, be it XL Release or another tool, can populate the release artifact to the other tools, synchronizing fields like start and end dates, descriptions, status, tags and flag status.  



  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and human error. Release information is populated automatically from the source to other tools.

  • Create visibility into release status for everyone collaborating on the release, including practitioners who don't normally use XL Release, like product owners, project managers and developers.

  • Create traceability between release artifacts and associated implementation artifacts, like features, by flowing the release information through Tasktop Integration Hub's models


Learn more about this integration pattern

Tasktop’s integration for XebiaLabs XL Release enables point-and-click configuration for sophisticated synchronization use cases between XL Release andnearly 60 software delivery tools.


Supported Versions

Check out which repository versions are supported: for each of our products:

Tasktop Integration Hub


In our newest demo video we show how releases created and managed in XL Release are synchronized to an Agile planning tool like Targetprocess. From there, product owners can assign features to the release and percolate the work down to the developers in Jira. The product owners can also view changes to the release status as it progresses, directly from within their tool of choice.


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